Being into someone physically is more than just finding their face pleasing. There are a lot of different things that go into whether we find someone attractive or not.

If you have been wondering why you are attracted to the people you are attracted to, this article may be the insight you need. There are plenty of reasons why we find some people to be more attractive than others, and even why we find some to be completely unattractive. Check out the list below and get to know yourself a little better.

8 Often Unnoticed Things That Make Us Feel Attracted to Someone:

(Remember, these are in no specific order.)

1. Personality

This one should go without saying, but some people are oblivious. It doesn’t take long to determine if you mesh with someone or not. If you don’t like their personality, you will not find them to be as attractive.

2. Facial symmetry

We can sense when someone has a symmetrical face, a hidden superpower. This is an unconscious attractor. For some reason, this is just something we tend to prefer.

3. Leg length

Men tend to like girls with long legs, and the opposite is true for women in men. Women with longer legs are for some reason perceived as more attractive. Apparently, shorter legs tend to make men look more muscular; however, women tend to go for men who are at least a bit taller than them.

4. Their voice

When someone’s voice is annoying, it is an instant turn-off. If someone has a voice you cannot stand, you tend to find that person to be less attractive, even without realizing it. This is just how it works.

5. Face shape

Yes, we all have face shape preferences. People tend to find those with smaller chins and brows as well as wide eyes to be more attractive. These features are for whatever reason considered physically attractive to most. With that being said, like I stated above, we all have preferences. Some people like nice round faces.

6. Faithfulness

We tend to think about whether or not someone would be faithful before we even consider being with them. In most cases, you can actually sense it when you meet the person. If someone is likely to cheat on us, we don’t find them to be as attractive. Those who are faithful and trustworthy are more attractive.

7. Genes that complement yours

We like to be with people that look good with us. We actually usually go for people with features similar to our own. This meaning if you are quite tan, you would be more likely to choose tan partners.

All of these things aside, we are all beautiful in our own ways and the perfect partners will come into our lives when we are ready. If the person you are with doesn’t appreciate you, find someone who will. For more on why we find specific people and qualities to be attractive, check out the video below.

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