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In life, it is often the case that when we act in certain ways, we are misunderstood by others. This can mean that even the most well-intentioned and even some of the kindest people get misunderstood to be mean.

Have people ever thought you were mean, but you couldn’t figure out why? It could be that you are unintentionally sending the wrong signal to others by putting off a vibe that pushes people away. You could be one of the nicest people in the world, but if you are sending the wrong signals, you will get misunderstood every time. Below, I will list 8 habits that may be making you seem mean.

1. Your body language is all wrong.

Our body language can indicate a lot about us to other people. One example of this is when you stand with crossed arms. For a long time, I would stand this way and I never thought much of it. However, I later learned that when we stand this way, it shows other people that we are closing ourselves off to them or may even make them believe you are cross with them. Understand the secrets behind body postures, gestures, and the unspoken communication between people. “The Definitive Book of Body Language can help you decode if you’re sending unintentional negative signals.

2. You wait for people to come to you.

Not everyone is an extrovert. Some of us are quieter and to ourselves, so we wait for others to approach us. Unfortunately, the thing about this, is that in your mind, you may know you are socially awkward or an introvert, but to those around you, you may just be giving off the vibe that you don’t like other people.

3. You are extremely direct.

There isn’t anything necessarily wrong with being blunt, but you should be wary of being too blunt, too much of the time. Sometimes, this can make people feel like you are being short to them or even rude to them. If you’re an introvert and find social situations challenging, The Introverts Guide To Social Success offers strategies to help you engage more and still stay true to your introverted nature.

4. You easily lose your patience.

Do you easily lose your patience and go off in front of others? While we all lose our temper sometimes, if you are constantly on the verge of losing yours, you might consider scaling back. Otherwise, people assume the worst.

5. You are often late.

Everyone is late from time to time, but when you are constantly late, it sends the wrong signal. It might not seem like it to you, but when you are late all of the time, it can seem as though you do not respect other people’s time.

6. You have no filter.

We’ve all said something we don’t mean, due to a loss of filter, but if this is your usual behavior, it could make you come off as mean. In your mind, you might think that what you’ve said needed to be heard, but at the end of the day, sometimes a filter can be useful. We have one for a reason. The Art of Being Punctual: Self Discipline Techniques for Time Management – Dive deep into punctuality techniques that show you value others’ time.

7. You tend to assume the worst.

If you’ve endured a bad string of people in your life, then you might be a bit jaded with people. Unfortunately, no matter how justified you might be, when you are always assuming the worst of everyone around you, it may make you look like the bad guy.

8. You avoid eye contact.

Some of us may forget or avoid eye contact altogether with people we know. This can be caused by anxiety, but from the outside looking in, to others, if you avoid eye contact, it could signal to them that you do not like them, even if you do. Overcoming Social Anxiety: Step by Step – Learn techniques to overcome social anxiety and confidently make eye contact during interactions.