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When it comes to dating, we all make mistakes, but some of those mistakes are things we seem to repeat time and time again without realizing. The more you engage with these bad habits, the worse off things will become between you and your lover.

While falling into the cycle that these bad habits bring forth is easy, getting out of it is sometimes complicated. The sooner you come to terms with these things and understand how they are affecting your relationship, the better. Successful relationships take a lot of effort on both parts. You can’t just expect things to work without putting in the work.

8 Habits That Could Be Ruining Your Relationship:

1. Being too obsessed with your partner.

While you and your partner should spend time together, you should also be capable of spending time apart. Co-dependency can kill things far sooner than you might expect it to. Give your partner room to breathe if he/she needs it. Don’t smother them with your love.

2. Being too stubborn to talk things out.

Sure, it might be hard to admit when you’re wrong, but with your partner, you have to make that effort. Sit down and talk things out. Stop being so stubborn and work through the issues before you, otherwise things will never work.

3. Refusing to grow as a person.

We all have to continue to grow as we move through life. You can’t cling to the past and try to act as if your partner is always going to be the same person he/she was when you began dating. You have to be willing to grow with your partner or grow apart from your partner, period.

4. Keeping score of who has won the most fights.

There is no sense in keeping score, this only creates more damage within the relationship itself. You’re not winning or losing, you’re just working to better understand one another. Winning an argument is nothing to hold to a high standard, on any level.

5. Forgetting how important forgiveness truly is.

If you cannot forgive your partner for something that has happened, you might as well go ahead and break up now. We all make mistakes, and forgiveness is one of the most important things to be willing to use when it comes to relationships. No one on this planet is perfect.

6. Constantly criticizing one another.

You and your partner should not be at each other’s throats all the time. If you can’t get along and are always beating one another down, you’re with the wrong people. Build one another up for once and see where things go.

7. Turning small things into big arguments.

Sometimes you need to know when to pick your battles. If you’re constantly going off about tiny things that don’t matter, that will build up within your partner’s head, and he/she will end up resenting you for it. You have to know when to just let something go.

8. Trying too hard to make your partner happy.

Your partner is responsible for his/her happiness. While you contribute to it, you cannot be the sole purpose for it. They have to find things in their own lives that bring them joy.