In this day and age, the word ‘Empathy’ itself is not something we can go without hearing. Empathy is a way to expand the boundaries of our universe as well as improve our own lives.

Empathy by definition is the ability to understand and share the feelings of another. That means if you are empathetic you are able to step out of your own shoes and into someone else’s in order to feel what they are feeling. This is very different from sympathy. Empathy is all about understanding those around you in every way possible.

Some people are much more empathetic than others and are actually rare. It takes a special kind of person to be able to understand even those who you do not like. Highly empathetic people can and will get out of their comfort zone if they need to in order to get things done. If you think you may be a highly empathetic person or someone around you may be one look for the following habits.

8 Habits of Highly Empathetic People:

1. They are curious about strangers

Highly empathetic people will often go out of their way to chat with the person sitting next to them in the waiting room or on the bus. They consider other people to be far more interesting than themselves but do keep a respectful distance. The highly empathetic person is able to have a casual conversation with just about anyone and does not judge those they speak to for any reason.

2. They are wonderful listeners

Highly empathetic people are always willing to lend an ear and will make you feel so much better once you have spoken with them. Whether you are a stranger or a close friend they will be there for you as long as you need them to. They do not put on a mask, they speak to you as their true selves and take the time to understand every word you say.

3. They love animals

Yes, highly empathetic people often love animals. If they see a dog you best bet they will love on it if they can. This is a wonderful quality for anyone to have. These people are often the first to pick up strays and try to find their homes.

4. They overthink all the time

You see because they are so good at seeing things from the views of others they are harsh on themselves. They spend too much time overthinking things, and usually do not handle criticism well. If you were always in someone else’s shoes you too would find it hard to quiet your brain.

5. They give the best gifts

Empathetic people often spend too much on presents. They love making people light up on special occasions and get so much more out of gift giving than getting. Empathetic people not only feel the pain of others but their happiness as well.

6. They do not bail on those who matter

Unless they are literally in the emergency room a highly empathetic person will never bail on you. They will follow through with plans no matter what; this is because they know all too well how it feels to be canceled on.

7. They are respectful

They are almost always the people who apologize first even when something was not their fault. This is something that comes to them as natural. They are overly polite and stick to their manners better than anyone else.

8. They suffer alone

Empathetic people will be someone’s shoulder to cry on but will not ask for support when they need it. They often suffer with everything negative that life throws their way on their own, and hope that someone will pick up on their disappointment as they have the disappointment of others.

Being a highly empathetic person is a good thing. It is something that will push you far in life if you let it, but remember to not let the people around you take advantage of you. Seeing things for what they are and what they can be is a wonderful gift, use it.

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