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When most of us hear the term side hustle, we may wonder silently, “Who has the time?” especially if you are busy like me. With that being said- side hustles don’t have to be full-time jobs or even difficult jobs. A side hustle can be fun!

A few years ago, I was working full time and needed extra money. I thought to myself how much easier life would be if I had more time for an additional job. And then, I found a gig that was only one day per week. A few weeks later, I had gotten into a favorite hobby and realized that I could use it to make money. For me, that hobby was tarot reading, and for the past few years, it’s been a pretty lucrative job that grew from a side hustle. Not to mention that it is something I enjoy.

With all of that in mind- I am not suggesting tarot reading in this article, although, if you love it- I highly suggest it. But, there are so many ways to make money from home or on your own, that you would be mind blown.

The technological age has offered a few benefits, and thankfully, a growing field of side hustles, monetized hobbies, and the ability to sell from home have been some of them. Here are my favorite side hustles:

1. House cleaning.

You would be so surprised by how many people want someone else to come to clean their home. If you are good at cleaning, paying attention to detail, and trustworthy- make an ad and post it up on Facebook, Instagram (with pictures for an extra oomph of course!) and at your local community centers.

2. Captioning. (this article is not sponsored by them, by the way) is another great side hustle. They allow people to do transcription and video captioning from home on their computers. They train you and even pay you through PayPal. The best part? You choose the jobs you want to take. And make your schedule. So, it fits perfectly in as a side hustle.

3. Door Dash

There are a TON of videos on YouTube where people coach and train others to be dasher. It’s my understanding that you pick your times, and even get to choose which orders to take. In a world that is increasingly dependent on conveniences, Door Dash has become a major competitor in the world of food. And we all need and love food, right?

4. Making crafts and selling them.

With a quick Pinterest search, you can find tons of high-demand crafts you can make and sell. Etsy allows people to make stores that are accessed by millions of people regularly. If you have a trendy or unique idea, people will buy it. Even better- it may turn out to be something you love doing.

5. Dog sitting.

Dog sitters are in high demand. Considering how much people charge for boarding and things of that nature, I don’t have to tell you how lucrative this field can be as a side hustle. You just have to be a dog person, someone who is responsible, and someone that truly does love animals.

6. A personal shopper.

There are a million different types of personal shopping services available online. Or, you can provide your services. Not only do companies like Instacart give you tips, but they also give you a percentage of their fees, which can add up on a busy day. As a side hustle, it’s great for those who enjoy shopping.

7. Become a notary.

Generally speaking, though, training isn’t extensive — nor is it expensive. You might pay well under $100 to become a licensed notary, and from there, you can offer up your services when it’s convenient for you.

8. Online writing, editing, web design, or anything similar.

When you don’t have many free hours during the week, a job you can do from your laptop may be ideal. That job could entail designing websites, writing or editing content, doing marketing for small businesses, or anything else that you can control the timing of.