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We all have auras, some people have stronger auras than others and well everyone’s aura is unique. While you might not be able to see it, everyone has one.

While we all work to maintain proper control and comfort in our lives, sometimes we can’t and that tends to happen when there is some kind of shift influencing our auras. Below I am going to go over some of the aural issues people tend to face. Are you dealing with any of these?

8 Common Issues We Can End Up Having With Our Auras:

1. You’re being influenced by others big time.

Other people can hold more power over us than we want to admit. Sometimes when we are being heavily influenced by someone else this happens. It is because we are no longer following our own path in life but rather, someone else’s.

2. Stagnant energies have a serious hold on you.

Stagnant energies can be all around us. We all need to work to let go of them at the end of every day. If you’re not doing that, you may be causing yourself some unnecessary problems.

3. You’re facing chakra blockages.

Blockages can come from a lot of different things. They mostly come when we are not using one chakra as often or as properly as we should. Try meditating every day, it will help keep things flowing as they should be.

4. You’re not vibrating as high as you should be.

As spiritual beings presenting ourselves here in this physical world, we all vibrate differently but some of us are meant to vibrate higher than others. You may find that your aura is out of whack because you’re not chasing the things you should be.

5. You are in serious need of cord-cutting.

Cord-cutting is something we do when someone is feeding off of our energies. This tends to happen with people who used us but are no longer in our lives. Working to cut that etheric cord can make a huge difference moving forth.

6. Someone is psychically attacking you.

When a psychic attack happens you will be able to tell something is wrong. You might not understand it but you can feel something is up. When this happens, be aware of the things that could be going on around you.

7. You have unresolved emotions to deal with you’re not aware of.

We all need to deal with the things we’re feeling, if we don’t our aura can and will suffer. Don’t be afraid to feel things. The more you bottle up the lower your aura will end up becoming.

8. You need to ground yourself more properly.

We all need to remain grounded in our day-to-day lives. Remember to keep yourself properly grounded so that you’re protected from the energies of others. If you do this, you will be able to grow your own aura and prevent others from feeding on it.