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Highly empathic people and empaths are not the same things. While they are quite similar, empaths are a bit more grounded than ‘highly empathic people.’

There are good and bad things about being a highly empathic person but overall it is not as complicated as it might sound. People who are highly empathetic are much more empathic than most their emotional resonance with those around them goes much further than ‘compassion’ but is also quite conflicting. For these kinds of people, self-care is important and while they are always helping others they are still quite misunderstood.

Below I am going to go over some things that highly empathic people do that might help you better understand them. The more you know about them the easier it will be for you to relate to them or determine if you are one yourself. Highly empathic people are some of the most amazing people to have around and you should always show them how much you appreciate them.

8 Things Highly Empathic People Do:

1. They don’t let themselves judge others.

Highly empathic people do their best to not judge others. While on some occasions they do feel as if they’re being a bit judgy they are quick to correct themselves. When they assume something about someone they challenge that assumption.

2. They are always honest.

Highly empathic people are always honest, and they never hide things from the people that they care for. When something comes up they speak on it, they do not lock it away. They will not bottle their emotions whether you want them to or not.

3. They do their best to see things from other people’s perspectives.

Highly empathic people do their best to see the world from other people’s shoes when needed. If someone is disagreeing with them on something they work through it by seeing where the other person is coming from. While it might not seem like much to those on the outside looking in, but for the HEP it is a powerful tactic.

4. They are quick to pick up on changes in others.

Highly empathic people are quick to notice when something is bothering someone else. When people change they notice right off the bat. You cannot hide much from them, their intuitions are quite strong.

5. They listen as best they can and try their hardest to understand.

Highly empathic people are always willing to listen to the people around them. They are the one many go to when they need advice. They do their best to understand the problems others are going through and really relate to them the best they can.

6. They are very curious and love meeting new people.

Highly empathic people are very curious about other people. They love making new friends and building new connections. The more mysterious you are the more they will want to know about you.

7. They are constantly seeking the truth.

Highly empathic people are always looking for the truth. They can tell when others are lying and will not stand for it. If you try to get one over on them chances are they will cut you out of their lives. Honesty is very important to them.

8. They prefer to spend a lot of time at home.

Highly empathic people prefer to spend their time at home doing the things they enjoy. They’re not usually very big on going out and being in large crowds. You can get them out and about on occasion but for the most part their homebodies.