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On July 26th, the Lion’s Gate portal began opening, and until 8/8, when it reaches its peak – the veil between the physical realms and the spiritual will continue to thin. With that being said, this energy can work with you or against you, depending on how you approach it.

During this time, the Sun in Leo synchronizes with the star Sirius (which is referred to as our spiritual sun) and thus generates higher frequency energies that activate Lion’s gate portal. The number 8 is a number that is linked to infinity and also manifestation. While this is taking place, the veil is lifted, similar to October 31st, and the spiritual realms and physical realms are closer than ever before.

If you work with these energies, you could accelerate your ascension, and rise your spiritual energies higher than ever before. As the portal opens, time will move much faster, and because of this, time is of the essence.

One of the best ways to utilize this shift is to work with your third chakra  or the solar plexus. When balanced, the solar plexus chakra (located in our abdomen) allows us to take back our energy, our self-esteem, self-control, and our will power. If you have been struggling with self-discipline, now is the time to harness your abilities and bring yourself back down to the center.

Try working with yellow crystals like citrine, yellow aventurine, and burnt-amethyst. Hold the stone on your abdomen, and breathe in. Imagine a white ball of light pouring in through your crown and traveling through each one (balancing them as move to your solar plexus) until it reaches the solar plexus. When it reaches, the yellow light will cleanse and empower this chakra. Leave it there, and let it continue to sit until the chakra starts spinning like a vortex. Imagine it growing stronger, leaving you more confident, and the organs it controls in sync.

This meditation is wonderful for balancing your energies, and your true self. Much like the Lion, who roars and growls- expressing himself with the highest confidence, you will be too! While the Lion’s Gate portal may be a bit aggressive, it is that very energy that will give you the power you need to take back your path and to truly master it.

Image via Meg Benedict