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When it comes to our mothers and the relationships we have with them, things can get a bit complicated. Having a good relationship with your mom is important and then if you’re both on the same page, you two can both as grown adults become pretty good friends all the while keeping that bond you share as it should be. 

While not everyone realizes this, there are a lot of small things that can be done to help improve the relationship you have with your mother. Sure, not all mothers are willing to change or grow in order to make things work but most will be more than happy to. The more you work towards these small things the more you two will get along. 

I personally for a long time struggled to spend time with my mother because we didn’t get along well but after I started putting an effort into the following, things changed. You can be the change you want to see in this kind of connection if you’re willing to put your best foot forward. You’d be surprised what a drastic difference some of these things make.

7 Tips That Will Help You Strengthen The Relationship You Have With Your Mother:

1. Stop taking things to heart as deeply.

While it might not seem like it all the time, sometimes you do take things too hard. If you know your mother is blunt and says things that she perhaps doesn’t mean in the heat of the moment don’t take them so hard. I know this isn’t always easy but if you want to better your relationship with her sometimes you’ve got to be willing to work on things like this.

2. Be more in the moment with her.

Yes, life is hectic and times are hard but you should work to be in the moment with your mother as often as you can. Share the small things with her like going for walks or sharing meals. It doesn’t have to be much just to show her you care and that she is on your mind. A phone call can reminder her that you think of her and really help her mood overall.

3. Sometimes be willing to agree to disagree.

You’re two very different people and you’re going to disagree on some things. When things like this happen just agree to disagree. Stop fighting over things that neither of you will budge on.

4. Change how you react to small things.

When you blow things out of the water time after time things are going to become tense with her. Show her that you’re able to let go and do exactly that. When she says something that she doesn’t mean to bug you with and it gets under your skin a little, shrug it off if you can.

5. Talk about how you’re feeling. 

If there are deep issues or things being said that shouldn’t be, don’t be afraid to talk about your feelings. While in the past you might not have shared this kind of thing with your mother, doing-so now helps her get to know you better. As time passes you will be able to learn from one another.

6. Work on being able to communicate with one another better.

Communication is key for all relationships. If you want to get along with your mother and have a proper full relationship with her you need to be able to sit down with her and talk about things. You both should be comfortable enough to come to one another about almost anything.

7. Forgive and move past the things you’ve been holding onto.

Stop holding onto the things that happened in the past. While you and your mother had a rocky relationship, the future can be different. Forgive her for the things she cannot change and move forth.