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While a lot of people say that you shouldn’t be giving things up for your relationships, sometimes that kind of thing is crucial. You see, when we find ourselves in a real relationship we also find ourselves shifting in ways we otherwise wouldn’t consider.

Change is hard, and we might at first question whether or not we’re capable of facing such changes in our lives, but that doesn’t make them any less important. When you’re with the right woman things like this will come seemingly natural to you. You as a man will want to shift your desires, perspectives, and other things of the sort to better fit the relationship as a whole. That having been said, you’re not going to lose who you are or give up on your dreams and no one should ask you to do-so. These changes are not negative ones. 

As a man, if you want to be in a proper healthy relationship, the following things will need to be given up or changed in order for you to be capable of growing with your partner rather than away from her. Of course, some of them might be a bit confusing for you in the beginning but the more comfortable you become the easier following through will end up being as well. These changes and differences overall will help you find success in love.

7 Things Men Have To Give Up If They Want A Lasting Relationship With The Right Woman:

1. You have to stop feeding your ego and let it die off.

While it will be hard, you have to stop feeding into your ego. You have to let go of it and be willing to show your vulnerable side to this woman who is sharing her life with you. If you’re unwilling to do this, things will never work out properly, period.

2. You have to give up your fear of commitment.

As a man, it can be hard to give up that fear of commitment for a number of reasons. This is something I have struggled with myself but once you let go of that fear of commitment and allow yourself to open up to the person who cares for you the most, you will feel so much more fulfilled in life. Commitment isn’t something that ruins lives, and it can be just as fun as being single within reason, don’t knock it until you’ve tried it.

3. You have to give up your bad habits.

Giving up bad habits isn’t easy for anyone, but the more you work towards this one the better your relationship will be overall. Bad habits create toxic environments for everyone around us, not just ourselves. This can strain relationships and make things go south quickly.

4. You have to give up control.

In a proper healthy relationship, neither parties have complete control. You and your partner are both in control within reason. You take one another into consideration and talk things out before diving into them. This is how things are supposed to be.

5. You have to give up that fear of missing out even if it’s hard.

While that fear of missing out will be quite intense after your initial honeymoon phase, you need to let go of it. You’re not missing out on anything if you’re in a proper healthy relationship. The grass isn’t always greener on the other side.

6. You have to stop thinking you’re always right and be able to look at things from different perspectives.

We are all human, and sometimes we make mistakes or are wrong. Being able to see things from different perspectives is crucial to making your connection with this woman last. She won’t stick around if you’re constantly belittling her as a whole.

7. You have to mature properly, giving up immaturity isn’t easy, but it’s important.

Being immature and in a serious relationship is a dangerous mix. This is how we ruin positive connections. If you’re not mature enough to handle the relationship, don’t be in it.