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We come along lots of different kinds of people, some of these people are a source of happiness while others are toxic and cause us a lot of issues. Toxic people are some of the worst people we can allow in our lives.

If you’re looking to better understand these dynamics, The Toxic Person Survival Guide provides some helpful insights on identifying and managing relationships with such individuals.

manipulation When it comes to toxic people, the worst part is we often do not notice just how toxic they are until they have made themselves a part of your daily life. They could be something like your lover, a co-worker, or even your best friend. Luckily, there are several ways to tell if you are dealing with a toxic person in your life trying to trap you. If someone in your life is doing the following, then you need to cut ties as soon as possible.

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7 Manipulative Tactics That Highly Toxic People Use:

1. Projection

This is when a person is not willing to see their own problems and uses everything within their power to avoid being held accountable for them. The Art of Denial: How Projection Shapes Reality is an enlightening read that sheds light on this behavior.

2. Gaslighting

This is when the person works to rob you of your sense of reality. They may say things like ‘that didn’t happen’ or ‘are you crazy, you’re imagining things’ even when you are talking about something that really did happen. They manipulate you into doubting your reality. Such behavior can be distressing, but resources like Gaslighting Recovery Workbook can offer tools and exercises to overcome its effects.

3. Nitpicking

This is literally a personal attack, the person tries to force you into dealing with their impossible standards. They do not want to help you improve they just want to have something to make you feel bad about. Facing constant criticism can be mentally exhausting. For coping strategies, consider diving into Dealing with Critical People: A Guide to Handling Destructive Criticism.

4. Changing the subject

They often change the subject to avoid having to admit that they were wrong about something. They will try to make sure you are not able to call them out on anything if they do something wrong now they will go so far as to bring up something small you did years ago.

5. Name calling

Yes, they will call you names. This is what they do when they cannot think of a better manipulation means. This is their quick and easy means of getting under your skin and making you feel like shit. A hasty tactic they use when they can’t think of a more sophisticated manipulation. Understand the psychology behind it with Verbal Abuse: Exploring its Roots and Impact.

6. Control

A toxic person will make sure they are in control of everything they can be. They will isolate you and take control over your finances, social media, and well, everything else.

7. Triangulation.

This is using the opinions of others to evoke things like jealousy and uncertainty in you. They do this to pull the attention away from their abusive behaviors in difficult situations. Remember, you deserve respect, love, and care. If you’re looking for support, Breaking Free from Toxic Relationships: A Step-by-Step Guide can be a beneficial starting point.

If you are in a toxic relationship or dealing with someone toxic in your life get rid of them quickly. You deserve someone who will take care of you and love you not someone who wants to control you. You are worth so much more than that.