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Sure, going back to your ex might feel like the right thing to do but unless real changes have been made you shouldn’t be wasting your time. Far too often we allow what we think is love to cloud our judgment and force us back into situations we should be avoiding.

While he might come in with flowers and tell you everything will be different unless you’ve seen the changes and are able to without a doubt experience the differences without having to take his word for it, you shouldn’t be getting back together with him. Toxic relationships do not do anyone any good. Through going back time and time again without change you are reinforcing that kind of negativity inside of your own life.

He knows you will come back, and so he isn’t going to put forth much effort at all in winning your heart back over. You have to be strong enough to know when it is time to let go and sadly most of us struggle with this. If you keep getting back together with a toxic ex all you’re doing is hurting yourself and the more aware of that you are, the better.

7 Ways Going Back To Your Toxic Ex Will Destroy You Inside:

1. You are damning your own mental health.

While it might not be as damaging right when you get back into things, when the relationship goes south again you’re only letting yourself down. This kind of thing can really take a serious toll on your mental health and leave you wondering where you’re going wrong. The more times you get back together with this person the more you’re going to end up hurting yourself mentally.

2. You are missing out on what you actually deserve.

When it comes to being with someone who has let you down time and time again, you’re closing yourself off from a love that could be so much more. There are people out there who want to be with you whether you are aware of it or not and those people will treat you so much better if you will take the time to find the right one. You do not deserve to be treated badly or to be forced into worrying time and time again how things are going  to play out.

3. You’re essentially putting everything on pause.

Dating someone who has let you down, again and again, is only setting yourself up for the same to happen ‘again.’ This is you putting your life on pause to sit in a rut with someone who refuses to better his or herself. Is that really something you want to do?

4. You’re making those around you worry more.

It never feels good to make the people we care the most about worry. Our friends and family are able to pick up on more than we realize. If they see us going back to the same person who hurt us constantly, it’s going to take a toll on them too. You are not always the only person being affected.

5. The past begins to really take its toll.

The past is never something we can truly leave in the past. It always comes back to haunt us in some form and when we’re literally living in it, it’s not something we can get away from. You have to move on from it before you can actually begin to heal.

6. You’re destroying your own self-esteem and self-confidence.

The more time you spend with someone who refuses to see your worth the less you will see it yourself. Your confidence will dwindle and your self-esteem will become non-existent. You will find yourself wondering why you’re not enough to make this person change and what you should be doing differently even when the problem’s not within you.

7. You’re putting yourself at risk of seeing the same thing repeatedly.

Sure, being with this person might seem like what you want but in the end, you just want something you cannot truly have. You’re only setting yourself up to be let down again and it hurts every single time. When is enough, enough?