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We all have a sense of intuition, and some of us choose to listen to it and others choose to ignore them. Listening to your intuition can get you through some of the roughest patches in your life if you listen close enough.

If your intuition doesn’t seem to be present or you rarely ever get those gut feelings perhaps you need to work to sharpen your intuition. There are lots of things you can do to make it more prominent. You see, your intuition is what your higher self-speaks to you through.

It is a way for your sub-conscious to make things known that would not be noticed otherwise. The more you work with your higher self, the more prominent your intuition will be in your mind. Below I am going to go over some of the best ways you can work to strengthen your intuition. While they might seem simple, they will make a huge difference.

7 Ways You Can Sharpen Your Intuition:

1. Spend time meditating.

Meditation is a good way to get to know yourself. It allows you to become one with your higher self in more ways than you think. This is something that will bring you closer to where you need to be.

2. Talk to yourself.

The more you talk to yourself the easier it will be for your higher self to speak back. While it might not be a loud voice, it could come in other ways. Pay attention to any and all responses you find.

3. Pay attention to the way things make you feel.

Really keep yourself focused on how things make you feel. Our intuition almost always manifests in the form of a feeling when it is telling us something. It might be a mild drop in your gut but it will be noticeable no matter what.

4. Test your hunches sometimes.

Think about things, perhaps you want to guess what color car will pass next or you want to try your luck on a scratch off? All of these things can benefit you in the long run. These things allow you to better understand your intuition, don’t ignore hunches.

5. Put yourself in other people’s shoes.

Remove yourself from one situation and place yourself into another. Look at things from all perspectives and see where it brings you. Your intuition cannot work for you if you cannot see things as they are.

6. Pay attention to your dreams.

Sometimes we are sent messages in our dreams. Pay attention to all the small things and anything that seems to stick out. Just because one thing seems a specific way doesn’t mean it is.

7. Escape from what you consider to be normal for a bit.

Take some time to really remove yourself from your everyday life. This could really get the wheels of your intuition turning. While it might be scary it could be the change you need.