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The energies in your home can become stagnant quickly if you are not bringing forth new positivity. Just because things are not overly negative just yet does not mean they will not begin draining you.

A house filled with good energies will feel fresh and comforting, but a house full of negativity or neutral energies could really leave you feeling as if you are overwhelmed and drowning. The more negative things become, the more tense you will feel. If you are overly stressed, constantly at the end of your rope, and unable to find peace, you might need to work on shifting the energies in your home.

If you are feeling the impact of negative energies in your home, the quicker you can clear them the better. That being said, if you are not sure what you are facing, you can always do a water test. For this, you basically fill a glass with salt and clear water. You place the glass where you feel the worst in your home and if you notice changes in the water after a 24-hour period you need to do a cleansing. If the water is clear, your stress is likely coming from elsewhere.

Below, I am going to go over some of the ways in which you can cleanse your home to bring forth a shift of energy. This kind of thing should be done when the energies seem to become unable to flow or overly negative. In my life, I do this at least once every few weeks to ensure that my home is a place in which I can feel comfortable and safe.

7 Ways To Truly Shift The Energies In Your Home:

1. Open Things Up

The first thing you need to do is open up all of the windows and doors. This will as you are cleansing allow the energies that do not need to be present to move out and for the positive ones to flow properly. This, if done frequently, can help prevent the flow of energy from coming to a stop.

2. Declutter

Stop being a clutter bug and let things go. Declutter and rearrange the things within your home. This should be something that you do quite frequently. Far too often, we forget how quickly things build up in our lives.

If you are feeling as if the things around you are ‘too much’ you are way overdue for some decluttering. If you need help getting rid of the clutter, don’t be afraid to ask for someone’s hand. You can do this, even if it takes a few days on its own.

3. Smudge Some Sage

I smudge my home every two weeks with white sage. While you can choose what kind of sage you feel would be best for you and your home, smudging is very important. Walk through each room with the windows and doors open, smudging everything as you continue forth. Ask the universe to remove all of these negative energies and cast them out.

4. Wash With Salt

Mix up some hot water with salt in it and wash everything. Use this to clear off dust and refresh things around your home. In doing this, you are removing any negativity that might be clinging to your belongings.

5. Pickup Some Himalayan Salt Lamps

Himalayan Salt lamps are beautiful and beneficial. While many are skeptical about their use, I believe having one in each room is important. These salt lamps will work to collect the negative ions in the air around you and promote a more comfortable environment.

6. Place Crystals/Stone Throughout Your Home

There are many different kinds of stones/crystals you can choose from. Personally, I like to keep several protection crystals in each room. These will look great and give each room a unique feel and help keep the shift of energies moving forth. You can click here to learn about different kinds of crystals and the benefits they can offer you.

7. Stop Letting Negative People Within Your Home

Negative people should not be allowed to bring their energies into your home. Your home is your castle, and it should be a place where you are content above all else. Do not let anyone that will bring you down around your house, because that kind of energy needs to stay outside.

Your home is a place in which you are in control, and you need to remember that. Now, when you find your home full of negative energies, you can also work on your vibration. To learn how to do that, please check out the video below.