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When we move through life one of the most important things that we do is grow. The more we grow the more we align with our inner power and the more capable we become of really making the most of our lives.

The more you work to become who you were truly meant to be the happier you will become and the more full your life will end up being. Sure, it might all sound a bit out there but the more you actively work towards it the more realistic you begin to realize it is. If you’re a spiritual person or if you happen to be sensitive to energies chances are you’re working hard to embrace your higher purpose and really come to terms with the power locked within your body. Through working to align with that power you can unlock its potential.

In regards to our inner power Spirit Voyage wrote as follows on their website:

The more comfortable we are with our vulnerability and innocence, the child living within us, the more we can connect to our strength and power. Our power means nothing without humility, and humility isn’t possible if we are fighting the child within us. When we can accept and care for our own vulnerability and innocence, then we can truly begin to mature into the fullness of who we are. Only when we can integrate our own inner child and mature from that integration can we access our power, grace, and strength. This meditation brings these two polarities into balance, and one allows us to access the other. Without humility there is no power, without vulnerability there is no strength, and without Bhakti, or devotion, there is no Shakti, our power and creative capacity.

Below I am going to go over some of the things that I have been working with lately and that others tout as being extremely beneficial. These are things that will help you find yourself and have you manifesting your truest for sooner than you might imagine. We are all capable of so much but if you never accept that in itself you will never achieve the things you are meant for.

7 Ways To Truly Align With Your Inner Power and Truest Self:

1. Take in the negative, feel it, and then release it.

While it is important to face the negative things in life it is also important not to allow them power over you. Life is no walk in the park and the more we allow the bad things to take over the more down and out we will become. You can’t become powerful when you’re dwelling on things that are draining you of your energies overall as is.

2. Question your fears and overcome them.

The more that you question these fears the more capable you will become in regard to overcoming them. Life is not always what it seems and the more you work towards finding your truth the better you will feel. If you are too afraid to step out of your comfort zone how will you ever harness the true powers locked within your very soul?

3. Know your worth above all else.

You are so worthy and capable of great things in this world. The more you work to appreciate yourself and the life you have before you the more the universe will make clear to you. If you’re struggling to unlock something perhaps your worth is lacking if only within your mind.

4. Do not be afraid to be raw and vulnerable.

Stop holding back and refusing to show people who you are. Build connections and be vulnerable with those who care about you. Sure, you should be guarded on some levels but when you find someone you can trust letting your guard down should come naturally.

5. Be willing to shift your perspective regardless of the situation.

If you want to achieve true power in this world you need to be able to shift your perspective at any given moment. By removing yourself from the perspective and looking at things from the outside in you are able to cross over in ways some people never manage. This is a huge feat that you should be proud of.

6. Focus on the ‘now.’

Every moment we have on this planet is one that we should cherish. Life is short and tomorrow is not promised. Be mindful, always.

7. Never stop working to evolve and adapt as time passes.

Do not allow yourself to become stuck and do not stop within a rut. Life is all about change and growth. If you’re not growing you’re not working towards anything at all. In this life, growth equals power no matter how you look at things.

(Image Via: Pixabay)