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If you’re an empath you know how hard it can be to close yourself off from the negativity this world forces your way. Sure, being an empath is an amazing gift but it can also be a big pain in the rear sometimes.

Now for those who do not know empaths are the ultimate healers of this world, but only when they have mastered things in their own minds and within their own abilities. Empaths absorb the energies in the world and the people around them. When someone is feeling something they take that feeling on as their own.

Sadly, as beautiful as the empath life is, it can be painful because of how negative the things people are going through can be. If you want to be the ultimate empath you need to work through the pain absorbing qualities you carry and learn to differentiate from your pain and the pains of others. Through doing this you become a true healer and are more capable of helping the people around you.

Below I am going to go over some things you can do and work on as an empath to help you accomplish exactly that. Through these things, you can stop focusing solely on the negative in this world and also embrace some positive. Finding that sense of balance will bring you exactly to where you need to be.

7 Ways To Stop Absorbing Pain And Become A True Healer:

1. Do not let yourself get overwhelmed if you need to step back, step back.

As an empath, it might feel like you have to be constantly in motion but that is not the case. If you are feeling as though you’re taking on or facing too much simply give yourself a break. You are still a human and you still need time to yourself here and there.

2. Cut ties with those who suck the energy out of you.

If someone is using you time and time again to feel better but draining you, as a result, you do not need to keep allowing them to do-so. You matter and your wellbeing is important. Cutting ties with people who do not know how to work through their own issues and refuse to accept your help properly is not a bad thing and should be done without question.

3. Send the negative energies to Mother Nature, so she can transform them into something positive.

When you find that you have secured an abundance of overwhelmingly negative energies take the time to let go of them. Meditate and through that send those energies to Mother Nature so that she can use them to create something amazing. She will transform them from negative to positive and allow life to grow from within their fields.

4. Detach yourself in the ways you need to from others.

Stop being so ready to help others. Sometimes you need to be a bit distant. Don’t face everyone you meet in a manner where you want to know what you can do for them. Wait for those who truly need you to present themselves. You will know them when you see them.

5. Know that you cannot please everyone and some people cannot be helped.

Remember that just because someone is hurting does not mean you can save them from that pain. There are going to be some people you just cannot help no matter how hard you try. The more you push yourself to work with them the further away they will push themselves.

6. Write everything out so you can figure out what emotions actually belong to you.

If you find that you struggle to keep your emotions separate from the emotions of others journaling can help. Through this, you can figure out where different things are coming from and let go of them. If they do not belong to you and you cannot find an origin, Mother Nature could use them.

7. Make other people feel good about themselves as best you can.

Build the people around you up. As an empath making other people feel good is something you’re great at. Do not let the surrounding energies bring down your personal power as a whole.