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There are so many things I wish for my child, and one of the major things I have been focusing on lately is working towards ensuring they are not selfish. Kids are naturally a bit more self-inclined, as is their nature, however, it is up to us to help them develop into empathetic and kind individuals.

We live in a very self-obsessed world. It is even harder now to raise selfless kids because the norm has become selfishness and narcissism. I do not want that for my child. Instead, I want to raise a child who is full of character and integrity. Someone who loves others with an open heart and does for others as they would have others do for them. If you are with me, then here are 7 helpful tips.

1. Praise good behaviors.

If you notice your child doing something kind for someone else, praise them for it. Make sure they realize that they are on the right track, and make sure you point out why it is good to behave selflessly.

2. Make them responsible.

Give your kids responsibilities around the house. They can be simple things, like helping to care for a pet. You can even include them in acts of service for others, like fixing a family meal. This will help engrain responsibility in them.

3. Encourage empathy.

Make sure that you are encouraging your kids to be empathetic. If you see a little boy on the playground crying because someone was mean to him, point that out. Emphasize how the little boy must be feeling. Use words to label emotions and use examples to teach what they mean.

4. Teach them manners.

While this should be obvious, it’s important to teach your child to not be indifferent to others. Instead, teach them to acknowledge others, to say thank you and yes ma’am, and to ask for forgiveness when they mess up.

5. Model kindness.

The number one way to raise an unselfish child is to model the right behavior. If you want. Selfless kid, but if you are selfish yourself, then you are likely going to end up getting the wrong result.

6. Apologize.

If you make a mistake, apologize for it. Don’t act as though because you are an adult, you are above that. If you want to model the correct behavior, this is the best first step.

7. Stop entitlement in its tracks.

We live in a culture in which entitlement runs rampant. Pay attention to how your child talks and treats people, and watch out for entitled behaviors. If you notice they are acting entitled, make sure you correct it immediately.