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A toxic relationship is called toxic for a reason. The effects of one long-term can cause detrimental damage, which can take time to heal from.

The thing about leaving a toxic relationship is that no matter how much you may love them, you simply cannot be together. Because you still care for them, it can be hard to move forward. However, I assure you that once you have moved past the initial breakup phase, things will get better. Being in a toxic relationship is not only frustrating but emotionally damaging. If you’ve ever been in one, or if you are currently in one, then you already know how the toxic push/pull of a toxic relationship can become immensely painful.

For those who are trying to move forward from a toxic relationship for that very reason, here are 7 ways to make that transition easier.

1. Don’t expect closure.

With toxic relationships, it’s not likely that you will get closure. In most cases, you will have to cut ties with this person, and they aren’t going to like it. They might even try to chase you- but it’s best to block them and move forward. The more you try to hold on for closure, the more likely it is that you are going to end up backstepping. Much like an addiction, you are going to have to go cold turkey.

2. DO NOT contact them to check on them.

When you leave, take everything you own with you. Do not check on them. Don’t ask your friends about them, and whatever you do- DO NOT try to reach out to them. You will only start the cycle over yet again.

3. Create a support system.

Instead of trying to find a rebound and instead of isolating yourself, create a support system of family and friends. When you feel like slipping, talk to your support system.

4. Catalog what you have gone through.

Talk to your support system about what you have been through and journal about it. Be raw and honest and don’t leave anything out. Provide yourself with reminders of what pushed you to leave.

5. Re-discover yourself again.

Being in a toxic relationship can make it hard to discern who you are. Oftentimes, we mesh into our toxic partners and lose sight of ourselves. Now, that you are broken up, it’s time to touch base with YOU again.

6. Practice self-care.

Go easy on yourself. You are going to have bad days and on those days, take special care of yourself. The entire goal is to NEVER slip back with them again, so do whatever it takes to protect that goal.

7. Stick with your decision.

No matter what – don’t go back. No matter if they show up on your doorstep promising they have changed. They had their chance, and the likelihood that they have changed is slim to none.