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With Aquarius season almost here, you’re going to begin feeling much more willing to show your curious side to the world. The energies that Aquarius brings forth are quite progressive and very full of ‘fight.’

Aquarius season officially begins on January 21st and with that, you’re going to more willing to pave your own path. The status quo will no longer excite you and you will be working towards progress in your own ways. You will be shifting from a stance of thinking to one of action and in that all great things are possible.

Below I am going to go over some of the ways in which you can make the most of these energies while they are before you. Some will be stronger than others but all will hold power over you. Really work with them and allow them to help you figure things out in your day to day life.

7 Things You Should Do To Really Make The Most Of These Energies:

1. Find something you’re passionate about.

During Aquarius season you should be finding a reason to really keep going is important. Figure out what you’re passionate about and really move forward from there. Working towards a cause or having some fun doing something you enjoy will benefit you in a wide range of ways.

2. Do not allow your emotions to fester.

When we are in Aquarius season we might all feel a bit more compelled to hold in our emotions. When this happens, we should not feed into it. We should process things properly and never refuse to feel the things that need to be felt.

3. Be as yourself as you possibly can.

While it might be hard to come out of your shell, it is something that will make you feel amazing. When we are in Aquarius season we are more willing to allow our inner selves to come forth. We stop hiding behind the masks of who we pretend to be and when we embrace it, we grow so much.

4. Connect with people you care about.

Sure, Aquarius season is hard but it does bring us forth to connect more with the people around us. We begin to cultivate the relationships we care the most about and really show them how important they are. You become more willing to really open up with those you know care.

5. Start questioning everything, literally.

Aquarius season is all about questioning things and pushing the boundaries of normal. You work more towards figuring things out and becoming more of who you feel you should be. If something doesn’t feel right, you should question it.

6. Rethink your future.

While we are in Aquarius season you should be looking towards your future and working on making the changes that you feel need to be made. You begin to see what you want and what you don’t want. Everything becomes a lot clearer during this time period.

7. Stop sitting around wasting time.

Aquarius season in itself will always push you to get up and moving forth but it won’t always make the difference you want it to. You have to put forth some kind of effort if you want things to begin. Don’t sit around and waste time, really get out there.