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When it comes to trying to get someone to realize they are your twin flame, things can be complicated at best. If you push too much they will run and if you don’t push at all they may never come to terms with the things before them. 

If you know without a doubt that someone is your twin flame, you need to already address the fact that the twin flame status does not mean you two will be together in this life. Sure, you may be connected but you are still on your own paths. Unless you and your twin are able to get on the same page things will not work. If your twin is still in a growth phase, you’re likely going to be missing out in this life.

Yes, our twin flame is a physical manifestation of our own soul but that does not mean we get to make his/her decisions for him/her. It just doesn’t work like that. Sure, you are the same but you’re also different because on this Earth you’ve gone through different things and are at different levels of progression when it comes to aligning with your higher purpose.

Below I am going to go over some of the things that can be used to help you wake up your unawakened twin but please remember that you need to be cautious. The twin flame connection is a powerful one and not everything works out how we want it to. We must be willing to accept the outcome no matter what it is.

7 Ways To Help Wake Your Unawakened Twin Flame:

1. Use your mind to meet them.

When meditating use your mind to meet theirs. Don’t do this all the time but do plant a seed if possible. During meditation, we are able to speak to those connected to us on some levels and while your unawakened twin may not hear much in his/her sleeping state, you may be able to breakthrough in time.

2. Help them grow spiritually but don’t be overbearing.

Converse with them and see where they are in all of this. You won’t know what areas might need to be activated without getting this figured out. Are they even aware that twin flames are a thing?

3. Work on manifesting the connection you want.

Manifesting is something we all do and the more you use it in this sense the more you may gain. The law of attraction may apply in this area more than you know. Use your mind’s eye to see the events you want to unfold and believe in them with all of your heart.

4. Bring up twin flames to them.

 If you want to know what they think about the twin flame concept you have to bring it up. If they’re a runner they may consider it as being dumb or something else of the sort but if they’re open to it, you may be closer to the same level than expected. Don’t push but do bring awareness.

5. Break down your connection.

Don’t be too extreme when doing this but do break down your connection. If you two have something that is ‘different’ mention how it’s different in some ways. Don’t go too far because you could scare him/her off but do help them figure things out on their own.

6. Do not force the relationship.

Don’t try to force this person into being with you or into staying with you. Whether they’re awakened or not pushing them too far will cause them to cut contact completely and that’s not what you want. As their twin, you need to be willing to wait and see how things play out.

7. Try to understand where they are right now.

Whether you’re together romantically or not your twin does not know of his/her twin flame connection with you right now. That is something you need to realize on a deeper level. You cannot expect too much from someone who is not on the level you are on in all of this.