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Being a parent is not an easy job, and I don’t think there is one person who can deny that fact. Mothers, especially, deal with a massive workload, so much so that one study even found that a working mother deals with the equivalent of multiple full-time jobs.

Even with that understanding, I do not think that most people take the time to consider what is happening within the stressed-out mother. You see, most mothers act strong, try to conceal their struggles, and act like everything is peachy keen. Yet, below the surface, they are screaming for help. Thankfully, some tips can make things move, at least a little more smoothly.

1. Be consistent.

I know that this gets said a lot, but that is for good reason. When you have routines in place, it makes life much easier. Kids tend to get into routines, even if they don’t realize it because humans are creatures of habit. So, while your kid may fight going to bed at 8 pm if they only do it once per week if every night is the same time, they grow accustomed to it.

2. Automate.

Find a way to automate where you can. If that means scheduling payments to be automatic, so you can focus on the kids and worry less about bill time, do it. When you go to the doctor, immediately schedule your next visit. When you make your coffee, start your kid’s breakfast.

3. Share your load verbally.

Sometimes, your family needs a reminder of all that you do. Now, I am not saying that you should throw it in their face. Instead, what you need to do is say, I am sorry, I cannot sit down with you right now to watch the movie. I am working on laundry and then dishes. They might even offer to help.

4. Be okay with completion, not perfection.

If you are aiming for perfection, you are going to end up disappointed every time. Perfection doesn’t exist. So, learn to accept completion over perfection.

5. Have emotional support.

Make sure you have a good friend or family member to whom you can vent when it is too much. Sometimes, talking it out can make all the difference in the world.

6. Don’t procrastinate.

It might seem tempting, but do not procrastinate. It might seem helpful now, but you have a lot on your plate, and you are bound to get out of your routine by putting things off til later.

7. Let go of trying to micromanage your husband.

Sometimes, we feel the urge to try to get our husbands to do this or do that, and while it’s not wrong to expect them to help, sometimes it’s just wasted energy. Instead, relinquish your grip and focus on what you can control.