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Life can be daunting at times, so daunting in fact, that having a crisis of identity at one point or another, is perfectly normal. And while you may feel completely trapped right now, you aren’t- there is a way out of this.

The first thing you must do is recognize the crisis itself and move forward in the right direction. If you recently encountered a number of life changes, and you are feeling a bit out of place, then you may be in the midst of an identity crisis. However, even more, simple reasons and even certain rites of passage in life present us with the question of purpose.

In order to push forward, though, you must ask yourself the following.

1. What do I want?

Understanding what you want might sound easy, but if you really think about it, you have to think long and hard before you can correctly convey what you yearn for most out of this life.

2. What do I need?

While wants are one thing, sometimes what we need is completely opposite. How do your wants vs. needs conflict?

3. What could I do without?

Letting go of certain people, places, and things are necessary for life. It may be hard to start ridding your life of toxicity, but once you see the outcome, you will understand why it is necessary. Sometimes being around toxic people, or being in toxic environments can drastically impact our overall quality of life.

4. What am I good at?

What traits or talents do you have? What have you really enjoyed throughout your life, and how do your talents cross over?

5. Which way should I go?

Whether this question is about your mind, body or spirit, you inherently know your options, and if you don’t, do your research. In order to push forward onto the better ground, what steps are in order?

6. What experiences can I learn from in my past, and apply to make my life better?

Look back at your past encounters and choices, and ask yourself ‘What can I learn from this?’ if it’s monumental, then work to apply it.

7. Who am I really?

Write down everything on your heart, your likes, dislikes, and driving emotions. Usually, you will begin to find a reoccurring theme or certain things that have worked as your compass. Work to change the bad and then build the good.