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Sure, you might be an empath, but are you an empathic healer? All empaths have the potential to become this but not many actually do.

Empathic healers are a step above empaths, they are the true empaths. These empaths are the ones who have managed to overcome their weaknesses and worked through the pain of others. You see, empaths absorb the emotions of those around them and most empaths do not know how to tell their emotions from the emotions of others. This creates lots of tension inside of them and makes it hard for them to let go of these emotions that do not belong.

Empathic healers have learned how to release these emotions and determine what is and is not their own. Sure, it sounds easy, but it really is not. Becoming an empathic healer takes a lot of hard work both internally and externally. If you want to become an empathic healer you need to do the following things.

7 Ways to Become The Empathic Healer You Were Meant To Be:

1. Cut people from your life who are using you.

If someone is constantly coming to you for something and dropping all of their burdens on you, it needs to stop. Sure, you can be a helping hand or a shoulder to cry on sometimes but every single day is a bit much. If someone is always taking but never giving you need to get them out of your life.

2. Let go of emotions and energies that are not your own.

Before you go inside every single night sit on your porch and meditate if possible. Really let go of everything you have absorbed through your day. Only bring inside the emotions that are your own.

3. Watch your thoughts closely.

If you don’t want your body to be a breeding ground for negative energies then you need to get rid of negative thoughts as well. Learn to be more positive. See everything from the most positive aspect possible.

4. Make time for yourself.

Spend time recharging and if you need to step back and breathe, do it. Alone time is essential for all empaths and empathic healers.

5. Make your boundaries known.

Set boundaries within yourself for others and the things that you are absorbing. Make these boundaries known and do not cross them. Stick to your guns.

6. Make yourself aware of what is happening.

Remind yourself that what you are feeling does not belong to you. Be aware of your gift and learn how to use it. Let go of those emotions, feel them for a moment and then release them.

7. Share with others.

When you are truly feeling down let someone else be there for you. Learn how to open up and actually do it. You have a support system too, and it is high time you use it.

Being an empathic healer is one of the best things a person can do. Use your gift wisely and take care of yourself. This world needs you!