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New moons, similar to full moons, influence our daily lives and impact our overall moods, depending on what time of year they fall under, as well as on what position in the sky they correspond with. And while full moons are associated with manifestation, the new moon is often linked to new beginnings.

Depending on the astrological correspondence of the new moon, each one provides us with a new opportunity. This August, the new moon on August 30 falls under Virgo, which makes it the time in which we will be able to harness our earthly traits such as balancing our routines, finding self-discipline and also a time in which we finally set our sites on our goals and clear the way to achieve them.

And if you are already feeling this energy due to Virgo season, now is the time to take advantage of the following ways Virgo will force you to get your sh!t together.

1.  Cleanse your life.

What is in your life that should be gone? Get rid of clutter, drink more water and cut ties with toxic people who leave you constantly drained and feeling imbalanced. It may also help to eat healthier and better foods, and cut back on bad habits.

2. It will push you to restructure your life.

What is and isn’t working for you right now? Write down the best things in your life and the worst. How can you change the things that no longer work? And how can you improve existing strictures? Virgo’s energy is urging you to reassess.

3. Pay attention to the details.

Pay attention to the details of everything in your life. As you notice things about your life that could use fine-tuning, write it down and jot a plan to improve.

4. Set goals.

What do you want from your life? Virgos get it done and once they set their sites pm a goal they are unstoppable. How do your priorities and goals align? How do they differ? Make a list of goals and a plan to achieve them.

5. Use a schedule.

Virgo is very into ambitious practicality, and the most practical way for self-improvement is to stop wasting time. Make a list of everything you need to get done, and make a schedule you can stick to that include those needs.

6. Love yourself.

Learn to love yourself enough to build the life you deserve by using Virgo’s ambition and strategy aimed mindset. By doing this, you will be unstoppable.

7. Don’t resist change.

Change allows us to transform. It is often looked at in fear, but when it comes down to it, change leads us to a better world, and Virgo knows this. Don’t resist the urge to reassess your life, your goals, and your behaviors and change them up for a better life.