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While you might not be ‘surrounded’ by narcissists and psychopaths chances are there are some present in your life. Whether they are close to you or not they are most likely trying to bring you down in some of the most unexpected ways.

For those who might not be aware narcissists are people who have something known as narcissistic personality disorder and psychopaths are people who have something known as psychopathic personality disorder(stemming from antisocial personality disorder). Both of these disorders are very similar but also unique in their own ways. People who have these disorders are not like everyone else and while not necessarily always criminals or murderers like TV has made them out to be, they can do a lot of damage in the lives of others.

Both of these kinds of people come into our lives and create all the problems they can so that they can build themselves up while tearing us down. They do not want to see us doing well and are always doing their best to outshine us. Below I am going to go over some of the more common ways that they create tension within our lives and break each one down properly. Have you ever experienced things like these before?

7 Ways Narcissists And Psychopaths Create Chaos In Our Lives:

1. They do their best to make you jealous.

These kinds of people like to make others jealous. If you find yourself in a relationship with one they will always be placing you in triangles and making you try to fight for their attention. This is a means of getting power over you and it works more often than not.

2. They pick you apart and leave you feeling bad about yourself.

These kinds of people don’t like to see others doing well, they pick them apart and make sure to leave them feeling bad. They want you to feel down-and-out so that you’re going to be more likely to lash out later. The more insecure you are the better in their own minds. There is nothing wrong with you but they won’t ever be the ones to tell you that.

3. They start arguments just to get you worked up.

These kinds of people love getting others all worked up. They will start arguments with you just to put you in a bad mood. In doing this they feel like they are making you look crazy and also creating tension within your life.

4. They give you the silent treatment.

To play games with your mind these kinds of people will ignore you. They do this when they want you to do something that you’re refusing or if they just want to have some fun. In doing this they really force you to dive within and make you give up to gain their presence back.

5. They go out of their way to sabotage any positive events in your life.

Whenever you’re looking forward to something these kinds of people will come in out of nowhere and ruin it. If you’re going somewhere to do something you’ve been waiting to do they will visit last minute and make you feel bad thus ruining your whole trip. While it might sound awful, it’s just how these people work.

6. They get your hopes up and never follow through.

These kinds of people love to get other people’s hopes up. They make you think they’re going to do something and never do. They are the ultimate hypocrites but will never let you say that to their faces. It’s as if you cannot rely on them for anything and when there is a project or deadline involved this can be quite chaotic.

7. They judge you and leave you feeling like you need to change.

The more time you spend with these kinds of people the more you will realize just how damning they can be in general. They are very judgmental and always pointing out things that shouldn’t matter. They want you to be insecure as noted above. By beating you down they are able to feed negativity into your life, this makes it easier to get you to do what they want.

These kinds of people create chaos in our lives to make us more willing to be their puppets and it’s not something anyone should put up with. You should never let anyone treat you in this manner and you should always know your worth. There is no sense in allowing people like this a place in your life.