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There are a lot of things empaths can do to protect themselves but not many of them do these things. They are almost always at risk of having their energies drained and so they need to be on top of things, big time.

If you are an empath you really need to learn how to protect yourself. If you are an empath you are being targetted by just about everyone around you whether they know they are targetting you or not. Below I am going to go over some of the easier ways you can work to protect your personal energies.

These things are a wonderful place to start when it comes to stopping other people from draining you. Chances are if you’re being drained you really feel it, this needs to change. You deserve to feel comfortable and able to properly function within, allow yourself that.

7 Ways The Empath Can Prevent Their Personal Energies From Being Drained:

1. Cut toxic individuals OUT of your life.

Toxic people are only around you because of what you can do for them. Stop letting them take when you have already given too much. If someone is not being supportive or holding you back they do not deserve a place in your life.

2. DO NOT waste your time trying to please everyone else.

Stop trying to be a people pleaser. You cannot please everyone and some people just don’t deserve your time or effort. Be proud of yourself and do what YOU want to do.

3. Say NO when you want to, don’t let others force you into anything.

Stop agreeing to do things you don’t want to do. Your life is yours to live and you do not have to take responsibility for other people. You are responsible for yourself and that is it, don’t forget that.

4. Work hard to have a more positive outlook on everything.

Be as positive as you possibly can; find the good in everything that happens. There is always a bright side, even if you struggle to see it.

5. Quit caring what other people think.

Stop letting the thoughts of others define you. You are the only person who is able to define yourself. No one else sees or knows what you are going through. They will never understand you in the ways you understand yourself.

6. Spend some time alone each day to recharge.

It is absolutely one hundred percent important that empaths recharge every day. Spend some time relaxing alone to get back where you need to be. Don’t let people take over your personal time. Even if it’s just a mere 20 minutes, you need your alone time.

7. Meditate as often as you feel is necessary.

When things are getting to be too much take a step back, relax, and meditate. Give yourself a moment when you need one. This will benefit you greatly.

(Image  Via: Pixabay/kellepics)