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While you might not realize it your guardian angels are with you all the time. They send you messages and always do their best to guide you towards where you need to be in this life.

When it comes to how angels send signs you need to know what to look for. If something really bad is heading your way, your guardian angels will do their best to make you aware of it. If you are able to pick up on these warnings you will be able to avoid a lot of turmoil within this life.

7 Warning Signs Angels Will Send Your Way:

1. There are unexplainable mechanical failures before you.

Things randomly stop working and cause you to be set back. For instance, your garage door might not open or your machine at work might be down. The reason for this might not be apparent right off the bat but as the day continues forth something bad might be happening that you are somehow able to avoid because of this setback.

2. Someone literally warns you of something.

Sometimes your angels are a bit blunter than they usually would be. If you notice someone specifically warning you about something don’t always be so dismissive. Sometimes your angels are working through someone else to make sure you know something you need to know.

3. You hear disembodied voices.

If you are hearing voices speaking to you then you might not want to avoid them. If these voices are warning you of something don’t ignore them; listen and adjust accordingly.

4. You misplace things out of nowhere.

Your guardian angel will sometimes move things to help throw you off. This changing the path of your day and in the end preventing something bad. While you again won’t see the bigger picture right off the bat as time passes it will all make sense.

5. You receive a message while you’re sleeping in your dream state.

When we are sleeping the veil is at its thinnest. During this time you can receive messages from your guardian angels. Listen closely to hear what they have to say, they could be warning you of something.

6. You suddenly become ill.

If you suddenly become ill and have to miss work you might be mad in that moment but when you realize how much you gained in having stayed home it will all be worth it. Your angels might see something you cannot, and they are only doing what they feel is best for you. Sure, not every single time you get cold will be the result of an angelic warning but some of them will be

7. You get a bad feeling in your gut.

Intuition is a powerful thing! Your gut will never lie to you, if you have a bad feeling you need to listen to it.  Your guardian angels will speak to you through your gut more often than you think.

8. You notice strange delays.

Strange delays might really suck, but they could be a life or death matter entirely. Have you ever gotten setback on a scale that devastated you only to find out if you had done the thing you intended to do you would not have been able to live to see another day? This happens a lot more often than anyone wants to admit.

While there are other means of warnings these are the most common that people notice. Whether you’re experiencing Déjà vu or are just feeling a bit odd, you should listen as closely as you can. Your guardian angels are always speaking, you just aren’t always open-minded enough to hear them.