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While most of us don’t take it into consideration often, the amount of oxygen in our blood really makes a difference in regards to our health. If you’re feeling out of whack or struggling with something the answers could be much simpler than you’d expect them to be.

Oxygen is one of the most important things on this planet, without it we would be unable to survive. We all breathe without having to think about it and within our blood, oxygen moves through our bodies. The oxygen in our blood keeps everything within our being going. If our blood does not contain enough oxygen, serious issues will come up.

When someone has low blood oxygen levels it is called Hypoxemia and comes with a whole host of symptoms as well as causes. You can come down with Hypoxemia due to things like asthma, anemia, Pneumonia, sleep apnea, and even some medications can cause it to occur. This kind of thing is a lot more common than you’d think.

Below I am going to go over some of the more common symptoms and signs so that you can be aware of what might be going on within your body. If you notice these signs present in your life you shouldn’t hesitate to get yourself checked out. With things like this time is not on anyone’s side.

7 Signs You Don’t Have Enough Oxygen In Your Blood:

1. Confusion you are unable to shake

You are quite confused or disoriented. While this might come and go you cannot get rid of it on your own. Even the people around you notice.

2. A pounding/racing heartbeat

You feel very anxious and are unable to calm yourself. This is a sign that your heart is working much harder than it normally would be in order to try and get oxygen where it needs to be. Even when you’re relaxing you’re still on edge.

3. Severe shortness of breath

This shortness of breath will be so severe that it literally affects your ability to function. While you should see someone before it gets to this point once it’s here you definitely need to get help. This is a sign that your brain is not getting the oxygen it needs and damage to the brain during this time can be permanent depending on the severity.

4. Headaches that come out of nowhere

When your brain isn’t getting the oxygen it needs you might end up with constant headaches or migraines. This is a sign that you are really in trouble. If this sign is partnered with any of the others do not ignore it.

5. Dizziness or feeling very weak

The less oxygen your body is getting the weaker you’re going to become. If you get dizzy when you stand up too quickly or other things of the sort you could be lacking a bit in blood oxygen. Even when doing small tasks it feels as if you cannot carry on.

6. A lack of coordination

You stumble a lot or lose your balance quite often without reason. This could be something to do with the lack of oxygen. You see, the less oxygen we have in our bodies the less ‘functioning’ our bodies will become.

7. Changes in color of the skin

If you notice your skin more-so blue you might be lacking oxygen. Your fingernail beds, lips, or other things of the sort may be really changing. This is noticed often in those with COPD or other things that may compromise lung functioning.