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In life we are sent down paths, some people choose to follow their paths and others fight it every single step of the way. However, the higher forces that are working in these aspects of our lives will eventually get us where they want us to be.

Whether we want to admit it or not sometimes we are wrong. We have to fall before we can fly. Looking back in life how many times did you have to try something multiple times before getting it right? I know I have fallen many many times.

Below you will see a list of several signs that might help you realize you need to reevaluate your path and figure out where you truly need to go. When it comes to finding our paths in life, there are more options than we usually realize. Sometimes the path we think is the right one is the wrong one.

7 Signs That You Are Going Down the Wrong Path:

1. You feel stuck.

You feel like no matter what you do, you can’t move on. You are stuck in a rut and you don’t know how to get out of it. This is a frustrating and annoying feeling.

2. You are comfortable.

You feel like things are just ‘okay.’ You are comfortable and content. Nothing is going great, but nothing is tearing you apart either. You beginning to settle down in your life.

3. Your gut is upset.

You feel weird on the inside, and your nerves are always working against you. This should be seen as a huge red flag.

4. You aren’t happy.

You are no longer happy in life, and you just cannot seem to find the bright light at all. You know something needs to change, but you aren’t sure what needs to change.

5. You are forgetting those who matter.

You are not letting those close to you in anymore. You are forgetting about the people who care about you. While they want to be around you, you keep blowing them off and in doing this you are losing your support system.

6. You are being too materialistic and selfish.

You are being too selfish in general. You are focused on things that you cannot take with you when you die. Being too materialistic is not a good thing. Sure, appreciating the things that you have is important, but don’t be too obsessed with these kinds of things.

7. It seems like nothing is going right.

You feel like no matter how hard you try nothing ends up how you want it to. Every time something happens it goes wrong, and you just cannot seem get ahead.

When these things happen stop and breathe, take a minute to relax. Figure out what is going on and where you need to go from here. Just because you have been going down the wrong path doesn’t mean you can’t find the right path in the end.