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Friendship is one of the most beautiful parts of our journey in life. They add laughter and love and so much more than that. However- some friends will come along that will bring you nothing but turmoil and trouble, and those people should be avoided at all costs.

Toxic people come in many shapes and sizes. But perhaps the most prominent feature is the fact that they will pretend to have your best interests in mind- and to be a normal person, much like everyone else.

They won’t come out and tell you that they are toxic or have harmful tendencies. But there will most definitely be signs.

There will be blaring red flags- but unfortunately, since there are so many types of toxic people- if you’ve never encountered the one before you, they can be easy to miss. We all want to see the best in people – but in some cases, it’s best to protect yourself and the people you love from toxicity.

Here are 7 types of toxic people you would do good to just avoid altogether.

1. The negative Nancy.

While everyone tends to be negative at times, when someone is constantly negative it becomes a problem. Such a person will struggle with ever finding the silver lining in any given situation, and will likely drag you down. Even in moments where you are celebrating something happy or exciting- they will be fast to point out the negatives.

2. The judgmental.

Judgmental people give themselves away quite quickly. Upon meeting you, they will likely begin to talk about anyone and everyone in a bad light. They always have a comment about the ways others live their lives, and it’s never anything nice. Instead, they are likely to preach or criticize you and everyone else for every little thing. And honestly- it becomes exhausting to deal with.

3. The chronic victim.

We’ve all met this person- no matter what is going on in their life, they are a victim to something or someone. At first, they will seem genuinely as though life is throwing every little hurdle at them. You may even feel sorry for them. But upon deeper inspection- it becomes clear that they aren’t truly a victim in most cases. Instead, they are likely the instigator.

4. The gossip.

Gossiping is something we have all done at one point or another, but the gossip is a whole other level. They always know the latest story about everyone else, and they are happy to spread it like wildfire. Be careful not to tell them anything personal, because if you do- it won’t be so personal anymore!

5. The manipulator.

Manipulators can be quite deceptive and hard to spot at first- because they are manipulating you. But within a short timeframe of knowing them, you will start to see that they are constantly trying to encourage others to do their bidding in a very manipulative manner. They may pretend to like the same things as you or to have a genuine interest in you as a person, but as soon as you come up against them, prepare for all hell to break loose.

6. The attention whore.

Attention whores are some of the most draining people you will ever meet. They dominate the conversation, never letting anyone ever get a word in edgewise. They are likely loud, braggy, and highly annoying. These attention seekers can often seem innocent enough- but deep down, their attention-seeking ways are rooted in a selfish place.

7. The liar.

At first, you will likely believe the lies they tell you. However, eventually, all liars get caught. And while they will continue to cover a lie with another lie, and so on and so forth, liars eventually get old. No one wants to be lied to. And it’s impossible to trust someone who constantly spins a deceptive web. Due to this- it’s best to keep a pathological liar at arm’s length.