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When it comes to the people in our lives we should be quite picky and yet, most of us are not. We all want to have lots of friends and as a result, sometimes we allow the wrong people far closer than they should ever be. 

This world is full of toxic people and that is something we need to stop overlooking. While some toxic people are obvious, not all of them are. The more aware you are of the different kinds of toxic people the better. 

Below I am going to go over some of the most toxic ‘friends’ that a person can have. You might even have some of these friends right now. While they might seem to be kind from time to time, they are wolves in sheep’s clothing, and they will not be there when you need them the most.

7 Types Of Toxic Friends You Should Avoid At All Costs:

1. The Reckless Friend

While your reckless friend might be fun and you might always have a good time with him or her, they do not care about you. They will get you into a lot of trouble and go out of their way to make sure they are the ones who come out on top. These kinds of people don’t care who gets hurt while they’re doing the things they do and as a result those closest to them always end up dealing with the damage they leave behind.

2. The Gossiping Friend

Gossipers might be interesting to talk to, and they might seem to know a lot about things you might want to hear, but they are not good to have around. They will use the things you tell them against you as well, whether you think they will or not. That is just how they are.

3. The User Friend

People who use us do not deserve places in our lives. They take and take without offering anything in return. While they might be important to you and you may have grown attached, you do not need them. They only hold us back, in the end.

4. The Overly Negative Friend

Sure, you might want to help cheer this person up but all they ever do is find something to complain about. The more you try the further behind you become. Friends like this won’t do anything but leave you feeling drained time after time. 

5. The Irresponsible Friend

Of course, people who are irresponsible are sometimes fun to be around because they have ‘no worries’ but you should not keep them close. They are very much like the reckless ones in the sense that they do not own up to the things they do. When they mess up, it in many cases will be you cleaning up their mistakes.

6. The Overly Competitive Friend

When it comes to being friends if someone is always competing with you even when there is no competition in place, ties need to be severed. You should be able to care for one another and be proud of the success each of you find. Friends who refuse to do this are only going to be trying to outdo you for the rest of your life, and they do not wish to see you succeed.

7. The Disrespectful Friend

Friends come in all shapes and sizes but those who disrespect you are not actually your friends. True friends respect those who care for them, and they do not cross their boundaries. Those who choose to break your trust time and time again will never change.