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We all have gone through many different lives here on this planet and in other dimensions. Each time we manifest, our slate is wiped clean and our memories left behind with the source, locked away within.

While sometimes children are able to remember things from their past lives by the time they get into adulthood, those memories are all but gone for the most part. You see, because we have lived so many lives it would not make sense to hold so many memories with us constantly. The sheer concept is a bit overwhelming and realistically one body and mind could not handle so many different emotions and experiences. We forget so that we can continue on our journey here in this life.

That being said, sometimes we want to tap into things from our past lives to make us feel more in control or more connected and there is nothing wrong with that. While we will never be able to truly unlock all of the memories of our past lives, we can bring forth bits and pieces of them and to most that is more than enough. As beings in this universe, we are truly amazing and you need to always remember that.

Below I am going to go over some of the tips that many have used to tap into things from their past lives. While some of these things will be a bit confusing they will all benefit you in their own ways. Just be prepared for the unknown going into this as you never know what you will find and you might not like who you were in a past life. Keep in mind that while that person is who you were, it is not who you are now and you have lessons to learn.

The Best Tips For Remembering Your Past Lives:

Tip 1: Consider Where You Come From

Think about things on your own without taking your religion into consideration just yet. What do you truly believe? Do you believe that reincarnation could be possible? If you are someone that firmly disbelieves in this kind of thing remembering your past lives is not going to be possible. You need to be open to the idea at the very least.

Tip 2: Pay Attention To Your Dreams

You can learn a lot about yourself from your dreams. A lot of the things that happen while we are asleep relate back to our past lives. Really assess the things that lie beneath the surface in your dreams. Why are you dreaming of the things you are dreaming of? Where does this idea in itself come from?

Tip 3: Go Over Your Fears and The Things You Like

Think about all of the things you like without knowing why and all of the things you hate or are afraid of without reason. These are things you have carried with you from your past lives. They can hold deep meaning if you meditate over them. The more you meditate over these things, the more likely it will be that your past life memories provide you with an answer as to why you are how you are in this one.

Tip 4: Start Keeping A Past Life Journal

Use a notebook to write down everything that you begin to uncover about your past lives. While it might not seem like much writing it down brings forth greater meaning and lets you really keep things on your mind. If you suddenly wake in the night and feel connected to something from your dream do not hesitate to add it to your book. Things like this need to be done constantly.

Your journal should be an extension of you, record everything within it. Each time you meditate over your past lives do your best to put something within it, if possible. Explore yourself through this journal and watch for signs that might connect you to specific places and events. If you feel drawn to something make a note of it.

Tip 5: Connect The Dots

Each time you find something that you really feel connected to go over it. For instance, if you are overly interested in a particular time period and know things about it without explanation it is most likely that you were alive during a life or multiple lives in that period. You resonate with things that are familiar whether you know why they are familiar or not.

Tip 6: Don’t Try Too Hard

Remember that whether you uncover something or not you are still special. You don’t need to turn this into a chore. Your past lives are not always going to present themselves easily. Just allow whatever is going to come forth to come forth but do not force it.

Tip 7: Don’t Let Others Discourage You

Don’t let anyone else bring you down for what you are doing. There is nothing wrong with searching for something you believe in. Whether others are behind you or not in your seeking out your past memories does not matter. All that matters is that you truly want to do this for yourself.

To learn more about reincarnation and past lives, in general, please check out the video below. There is a lot more to this kind of thing than meets the eye and nothing is cut and dry. Whether you get where you want to be or not from this you will still learn more about yourself either way.

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