In this life, we all do things we shouldn’t do but if nothing else we should quit the following ones. While times can be hard, and we all go through ups and downs, we have to learn to make the most of the things before us. 

The more we let go of the things listed below the more we can grow into the people we want to be. We can become happier and more content in life and perhaps even in love. While some of them might sound small, they are all enormous in our paths along this journey. 

7 Things We Should All Quit Right Now:

1. Quit closing yourself off from change.

Change can be good if we’re open to it. The more you close yourself off from it the worse you’re going to feel. Because we cannot avoid it we should be flowing with it as best we can.

2. Quit refusing to chase your dreams. 

We should all be chasing our dreams that in a sense is what we’re here for. Sure, you might not think you’re capable but you are. It’s never too late.

3. Quit letting toxic people take away your happiness.

Other people should not be making you feel like crap to feel better about themselves. If you’re letting toxic people too close cut them off. You shouldn’t feel obligated to keep people who bring you down in your life.

4. Quit looking too far ahead.

Sometimes being in the moment is a good thing. Tomorrow is not promised. Make the most of today while it’s here.

5. Quit trying to please everyone around you.

You cannot please everyone, sorry but you need to let that sink in. The more you try the more disappointed you’re going to be. Sometimes we have to just stop and think about ourselves.

6. Quit beating yourself down.

I know, it might not always be easy but you need to be building yourself up. Treat yourself how you treat others. Don’t be your own worst enemy.

7. Quit living in the past.

The past cannot be changed and at some point, you have to let go of it. The more you live in the past the more you’ll hold yourself back. You deserve more, go out and get it.

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