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Yule, for those who might be a bit confused, is the celebration of the winter solstice. This year it was on December 21st and marked a great turning point.

While the event itself is over with you can still make the most out of the energies that this solstice brought forth. In the past, the celebration of Yule lasted for 12 whole days so it is not one of those Hallmark holidays that only last one day. The energies this solstice brings forth will be with us for several weeks and the effects will last well into the next solstice.

For the next few days, you need to be working with your personal energies and the energies of this solstice as well as the celestial bodies to really work on manifesting the things you want. Below I am going to go over some things you can do that are quite simple but still effective in promoting the mindset needed to manifest and move forward. In doing these things you are creating an atmosphere that will get you where you need to be,

7 Things You Can Do To Make The Most Out Of The Recent Solstice:

1. Reflect on the need to let go and work with it.

The winter solstice brings forth a lot of courage and positive energy. Through reflecting on letting go you build up the energies needed to actually do it. Working with the things this solstice is offering you to really begin to move forward in a positive way is one of the best things you can do during the solstice.

2. Close out the year with gratitude.

The winter solstice is very close to the end of the year and should serve as a reminder to be grateful. You should appreciate the people in your life and make sure that they know that they matter to you. Tomorrow is not promised and people leave this world without notice quite often, making sure the positive emotions you feel for one another and the world itself is far more important than most realize.

3. Use your affirmations as often as possible.

The winter solstice brings forth powerful energies and those energies are strengthened further when we recite our affirmations. Our affirmations bring us personal power and build up our self-esteem. Both of those things are very important so enhancing them while you can is crucial.

4. Get out in nature and have some fun.

The winter solstice is going to have you wanting to get out in nature. During the days to come, you should be having fun and spending time together with the people you love. Cultivate as much happiness as you possibly can.

5. Let go of bad habits and bad energies.

The winter solstice is all about moving forward so letting go of bad habits is one of the best ways to begin. You cannot move forward if you are holding yourself back. Eat better, stop drinking, quit smoking, start exercising, or do whatever it is you feel you need to do to make yourself ready to get where you need to be.

6. Rethink your desires and make sure they are your own.

The winter solstice is going to help you to rethink your desires during this time you need to really figure out if you are moving forward where you want to or if you’re following someone else’s dream. You have to be aware of your life and where you’re headed. Live the life you wish to live and not the life others want you to live.

7. Think back on the year that has almost passed.

The winter solstice is all about reflection. During the weeks to come, you will be thinking back to the time that has passed and really looking at the things you’ve done. All of your accomplishments and mistakes you’ve made this year will be catching up to you in your mind. This time of reflection will set you up for the year to come.

For more information on the energies of the solstice itself please check out the video below. While it has passed, these energies are not gone. You will be feeling these things for a good while.