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Spiritual attacks are also referred to as psychic attacks are basically something that affects us on an energetic level. For instance, you might be having a great day but someone comes by and their presence alone completely changes your mood without you realizing ‘why’ it’s happening in that manner.

Spiritual attacks could be coming towards you because someone intends to bring you down or because someone around you is unable to control the energetic changes they are going through. We should also keep in mind that while most spiritual attacks are the result of other people, not all are. They can stem from locations and other things of the sort as well.

Regarding spiritual attacks Kirsta Mitchell, known emotional healer wrote as follows on her website:

The important thing to understand about psychic attack is that it’s usually not intentional: people are beautiful, wonderful, emotional creatures, and most of them have not awakened to the fact that their energy (thoughts, fixations, feelings, or intentions) can affect another person.

Some of them, usually bullies, abusers, or manipulators have a sense of this and use it to their advantage. And yes, there are those who are fully aware of this phenomenon and will stoop to practicing witchcraft or sorcery on another, but that’s relatively rare in comparison.

Just as strong, intense, focused rays of the sun can burn you, so can like energy from a person when it’s being directed your way. The important thing to note is that it’s just energy, and energy responds to energy. If you allow yourself to become fearful or a victim, you’re tuning in to a frequency of energy that only invites more of the same.

If you feel like you’re the victim of spiritual attacks you need to know how to ward them off and protect your own personal energies. Below I am going to go over some of the easier ways to do so and how to carry those out. While not every single one will be ideal for you, choosing a couple and sticking with them can make a big difference in how you feel moving forth.

7 Things That You Can Do To Ward Off Spiritual Attackers:

1. Refuse permission, above all else.

When you realize that what you are facing is, in fact, a spiritual attack do not react in a manner that shows you are afraid. Ground yourself and refuse to allow this attack to follow through. Change the way the things before you are able to affect you.

2. Send light to your attacker.

Rather than sending hate and negativity back towards your attacker, send him or her some light. Do some small things to make things easier on them and offer them, someone, to lean on at least in a small way. That being said, know your limits. You can only help so much. If they are not willing to overcome their own negativity then there is not much else you can do.

3. Surround yourself with light power.

Before being around someone who tends to drain you or attack you, reinforce your light. Meditate and in doing-so using your third eye allow a powerful light to encase your being. This will help protect you moving forward. Nothing can push through this light and everything that would otherwise bring you down bounces off of it.

4. Ask your guides for help.

Your spirit guides are by your side all of the time. They are here for a reason and if you need them you can call on them. While it might not be something you would normally think to do, asking them for some guidance is exactly why they’re with you in the first place.

5. Do not be afraid.

Do not show fear during times like this. When you’re facing an attack, stand your ground. You are much stronger than you realize and the attacker will back down long before you do. The fact that they’re attacking at all shows weakness.

6. Meditate over your own aura.

When meditating each day remember to work to grow your aura more properly. Allow it to become full and really use your mind’s eye to your own advantage. Our auras need us to remain strong, without some effort they will become weakened.

7. Identify the attacker and be aware.

The more aware you are of who is attacking you the easier it is for you to figure out how to move forth. Sometimes cutting ties or creating distance is your best option. It should not be something you are completely against. Do what is most necessary for your own well-being.

Image by Enrique Meseguer from Pixabay