When it comes to relationships overall not all of us realize just how much work they take. You can’t just assume things are going to work because there is a connection, you have to both be willing to put forth proper efforts to make things last.

If you feel like things are not as healthy as they once were between you and your partner, you might need to consider whether you and your partner are doing things that could be leading to the end. Far too often we ruin our relationships with those we care for because we get caught up in our own lives. Some of the smallest things can make the biggest impacts on our relationships. 

Below I am going to go over some of the things that most people don’t realize are going to do damage to their relationships. If you’re ignoring one another a little more than usual or perhaps unable to get things going in the bedroom these could be contributing. Are you ruining things for yourself?

7 Things That Might Be Ruining Your Relationship:

1. One or both of you are ignoring the important things.

Whether it seems unimportant to you or insignificant if it matters to your partner pay attention. For instance, if your partner wants you to take the trash out and you refuse time and time again the tension between the two of you is going to grow. After a while, things like this are going to end up becoming a serious problem.

2. You’re not talking things through properly.

If you and your partner are not willing to sit down and talk through the issues before you things are never going to work. You might have both discussed a lot in the beginning but as time passes it is important to keep that going. You have to be able to communicate properly.

3. You’re lying by omission.

We should never hide things from our partners. If you’re hiding things you’re lying by omission. The more this happens the harder it’s going to become to hide things, eventually, the truth will come forth and your partner is going to feel very mistreated as a result.

4. You’re not spending enough time together.

When we are dating someone we have to spend time with them. If you and your partner are not spending enough time together you could begin to grow apart. You or your partner might feel unimportant as a result and that shouldn’t be happening.

5. You or your partner are no longer properly following through on things promised.

If you or your lover are saying things and yet not following through as time passes this will create issues. We all need to be able to rely on our partners and if you can’t rely on yours, things are not going to work. The more you both communicate the less this will occur.

6. One or both of you are changing in ways that don’t line up anymore.

We all change and grow as people and sometimes that means growing apart. When you or your partner change it is something that affects everyone in the relationship. The more that you change the less your partner might feel connected to you, this all varies from person to person.

7. You’re spending too much time together.

When you and your partner end up spending too much time together things are going to get tense quickly. While we all should be spending time with one another there have to be limits to this. Know when your partner needs his or her space if you want things to remain intact romantic relationship-wise.

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