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Compassionate people are not as easy to find as we wish they would be. They are far and few, but when we do come across them, we notice quickly that they are surrounded by people who wish to partake in their lives.

The attention that compassionate people get is both a good and a bad thing. They really know how to draw people in, but they also do-so to an extent that leaves them drained. If you are close with a compassionate person you know how devastating it can be with they give too much of themselves to the wrong people.

Compassion is an emotion we feel some more and some less. It is not the same thing as pity or the same thing as empathy. Compassion is our emotional response when we see pain and feel the desire to help. It is something we all feel on some level, but those who are highly compassionate feel far stronger than anyone else.

Below I am going to go over some of the things that highly compassionate people tend to do. These are things that draw others in and really keep them in the loop for a number of reasons. You just cannot help but to find their presence comforting.

7 Things Highly Compassionate People Do That Draw Others In:

1. They are quick to forgive others.

Compassionate people are not the kinds of people that hold grudges. They are quick to forgive others because they know we all make mistakes. They do not often cut people off over small things. It takes a lot to change their opinion of you.

2.They listen before they speak.

Compassionate people don’t speak without hearing others out first. When they’re mad they still let the other person speak before freaking out. They listen and take everything in before they respond which is something most of us could learn from.

3. They do not judge people for their flaws.

Compassionate people don’t judge others. They know that we are all flawed and that in the end, we cannot change the parts of ourselves that are permanent. Just because someone is a bit too short or a bit overbearing doesn’t mean they deserve to be judged. We all have flaws, perfection in this world does not exist.

4.They are kind to themselves and others.

Compassionate people are kind to others and kind to themselves. They don’t treat themselves badly or hold their own emotions back. If they need some encouragement they are quick to give it to themselves. While on occasion they do look to others for help, for the most part, they have it all under control.

5. They can find something they have in common with just about everyone.

Compassionate people are always able to relate to other people on some level. While you might not have much in common with them, they will find something if at least one thing to talk with you about. They are some of the most communicative people you will find. They really go above and beyond for the people around them.

6. They are very mindful.

Compassionate people are quite mindful. They are as in the moment as they can possibly be, and they know that tomorrow is not promised. They tend to do their best to live each day to the fullest extent they possibly can.

7. They always put their best efforts forth.

Compassionate people are always putting forth their best efforts. If something needs to be done they will give it their all. You won’t catch them slacking.

Compassionate people do a lot more than most others think. They really put their best foot forward and get things done. You should definitely not take them for granted. If you have someone in your life who seems to fit the description above, thank them for all they do for you.