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Empaths are some of the most at risks people for emotional fatigue. Because empaths take on the emotions of others, they sometimes struggle to really differentiate between the emotions that belong to them and the ones that belong to everyone else.

When it comes to taking care of yourself as an empath, you need to know how to separate yourself from the things being pushed onto you. That kind of thing is not an easy task and can sometimes be quite complicated. If you are an empath you know how extremely important it is to really remove yourself from time to time. Below I am going to go over some things that can and will help in accomplishing this, while some will be easier than others they will all work wonders in your life.

7 Things Empaths Should Do To Protect Themselves From Emotional Fatigue:

1. Set proper boundaries.

Don’t let other people run amuck in your life. Set boundaries with people who are taking advantage of your gifts. Make sure that you are not, be it at work or at home allowing the people around you to take over your safe space. You are your own person and boundaries are important for each and every one of us.

2. Practice white light meditation.

While meditating before getting your day started, use your mind’s eye and picture a white light radiating from within you and allow it to surround you. This white light is going to protect you throughout your day and allow you to release things that otherwise you would not be able to. Sure, it’s a bit hard to get behind at first but if you do this a lot it will make a big difference in how you absorb things.

3. Write things out on paper.

Writing things out allows you to really work through the things going on in your mind on your emotional levels. In doing this you are able to figure out what belongs to you and what doesn’t. While it might not sound like much, doing this is going to help you become more of the person you were meant to be.

4. Cut ties with people who drain you the most.

There is nothing wrong with cutting toxic people out of your life. If someone is always using you as their means of releasing their emotions without regard for how that is making you feel, they don’t deserve to be in your life. People who waste your time repeatedly are not people you need to spend time with.

5. Purify yourself in water.

Using water to drain yourself of negativity is something that works and is also very simple. Take a bath in some Epsom salt or go spend some time in naturally running water. Allow the water to wash the negative emotions and energies off of you.

6. Send those energies back.

Figure out which energies are yours and which ones aren’t. Send the ones that are not yours back into the world. Using your mind, just tear them out and release them in the ways that you need to.

7. Protect yourself with crystals.

Find the right crystals for you and carry them each day. Crystals hold powers that can and will work to benefit us in many ways. If you’ve ever felt drawn to a specific one perhaps that one is the one you need in your life the most. You can click here to learn more about crystals and which ones are capable of helping you.