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Empaths have to face a lot more than most people realize. Empaths are basically the grease trap of the world, everything is dumped on them and if it never gets emptied out it piles up until things overflow.

If you are an empath you most likely know the following things to be very true. These are things that empaths experience on a near day-to-day basis. You are not alone, just because you are going through these different experiences, and they can be overwhelming doesn’t mean you cannot work through them. As an empath you are strong and amazing, you can get through whatever this life throws your way.

7 Things Empaths Experience Almost Daily:

1. Your intuition speaks to you.

You know what I mean when you’re doing something and out of nowhere, your intuition is screaming for you to do something or move forward. This is something you have to listen to because of the way it is pushing you. My intuition is always going crazy and some days it is truly hard to handle.

2. You feel the need to remove yourself.

You are constantly having to remove yourself from the situations you are in. This is because as time goes on things build up and your mind and soul will not let you continue without getting them out. This is when you need to take a moment and just let go.

3. Battling with yourself to tell people no.

If you want to tell someone no, tell them no. Don’t let your mind force you into too much. Sometimes no is necessary, and while this can be quite draining but is necessary.

4. Being exhausted emotionally and having to push through it.

Empaths are exhausted almost all of the time. They are always having too much taken out of them. Pushing through it can be hard, but it is necessary; however, if you are too exhausted to function please take a day off if you need one. We all deserve time to ourselves.

5. Being targeted by energy vampires.

Energy vampires target empaths all the time. When this happens you have to be able to spot them. They will try to drain everything you have and most won’t even realize they are doing it.

6. Letting your heart get the best of you.

Your heart should not be making all of the decisions for you. You are your own person, and you should know that just because your heart pushes you to something doesn’t mean that you should always do that thing. You have to do what is best for you.

7. Using nature as a means of decompressing.

You have to go out and be alone in nature when you can. This is something you are drawn to do. It helps you to let go and relax which is something as an empath you need.

If you are an empath and want some tips on how to protect yourself a bit better check out the video below. Things will work out in the end, don’t let the world get you down. Just because the things you go through may take a lot out of you doesn’t mean the world is against you, you are an Empath and you will do great things.