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Empaths are a lot more common than you might think. While they are not ‘everywhere,’ they are all around us in many ways.

Empaths, for those who do not know, are people who can truly take on the emotions of others. They are much more sensitive than the average person and energies really affect them. While they might come off as a bit overly invested, they are just trying to work through the emotions that they are absorbing.

This is not something they can turn on and off when they want to. It is something they have to work to manage and get used to. Being an empath is a wonderful gift but is also not as easy as people would like to think it is to face. Empaths feel everything and sometimes they do it to an extreme.

Below I am going to go over some of the main/biggest signs that you might be an empath. While you might not realize you are right off the bat if the signs are there you very well could be. Empaths are truly amazing beings and learning more about yourself might really benefit you.

7 Signs You’re An Empath:

1. A lot of the people in your life leave you feeling drained.

You attract a lot of toxic people. These people could be anything from narcissists to energy vampires. They are always feeding off of your energy and taking advantage of you. While you do notice it on some level, you tend to ignore it and just allow it to continue.

2. Your intuition is often far too loud to ignore.

Your intuition is much louder than that of others. Yours will not allow you to ignore it. When it is telling you something, you always listen.

3. You tend to be quite introverted.

Because you are so overwhelmed in social settings and groups you tend to prefer alone time. You like to stay home instead of going out and you use your free time to recharge. Being around other people is exhausting.

4. Even the smallest tasks are quite frustrating.

Some of the things other people consider to be simple are quite frustrating to you. This is because you are being drained the whole time. Sure, going to the store might not be hard for someone who isn’t constantly absorbing the energies of the people around them but for you, it can be a nightmare. Things like this always leave you feeling overwhelmed.

5. People often open up to you even if you don’t want them to.

People tend to open up to you even when you don’t have time for it. Strangers sometimes come up and reveal some of the most peculiar things to you. They can sense your aura and are for some reason drawn to it.

6. You care for even those who do not deserve your kindness.

You care so much for the people in your life. You forgive those who do not deserve it time and time again. It’s like you just don’t know how to stop caring and it can be a real issue. Cutting people off is something you struggle with.

7. You never feel good enough or like you’re doing enough.

You don’t ever feel like you’re doing enough or like you’re good enough in general. You always feel like there is more you can do and more than can be done. While this is not a hard thing to overcome, you need to realize you have done all you can sometimes and that your best is good enough.

Image via Planet Lagu