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Empaths go through a lot more than non-empaths realize. Don’t get me wrong we all face things in our day to day lives, but the things we face are not always the same as the things other people are facing.

Because empaths are so isolated and yet surrounded by so many different energies they tend to struggle with things most people wouldn’t normally struggle with. Empaths are able to absorb emotion and really feel things on a deeper level and that is not always a good thing. Below you will find a list of struggles they face, these can be quite challenging and require a lot of effort to face.

7 Challenging ‘Problems’ True Empaths Know All About:

1. Saying ‘no’ when it needs to be said.

Empaths often struggle with saying no. They know when it needs to be said but aren’t always able to force it out. Learning to say no is quite liberating for the empath.

2. Empathizing with those who do not deserve it.

Empaths tend to help everyone even the people who they shouldn’t. They are often taken advantage of and it is pretty frustrating to watch and to experience. Everyone tends to unload on them.

3. Being affected by basically everything.

Empaths are not thick skinned by any means. They are affected by everything. Even the smallest change can send them into a downward spiral. This is something they are never truly able to overcome.

4. Constantly feeling things that they cannot explain.

Empaths are always being affected by something and because of that sometimes they will be in a shitty mood for absolutely no reason. Well, there is a reason but they might not quite know what that reason is.

5. Feeling so alone and yet rarely ever being alone.

Empaths are surrounded by people most of the time but they often feel alone. To be completely honest when they are alone they feel more at peace. As you probably know loneliness comes in many forms.

6. Putting everyone else’s needs first.

Empaths tend to put the needs of everyone else before their own. They let themselves and their wellbeing fall through the cracks in some of the worst ways. This is extremely self-destructive.

7. Always being exhausted.

We all get tired but the empath is going to feel drained most of the time as opposed to some of the time. They rarely ever wake up feeling as if they have slept well. Even from the beginning of their day, something is going to be dragging them down.