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While you might think you know how to spot fake people in your life chances are you don’t. Fake people can be much closer than you’d expect them to be and might be some of the people you actually let see you at your most vulnerable.

Below I am going to go over some of the signs that might indicate you are in the presence of a friend that is far from genuine. Fake people are not always as easy to spot as you might want them to be. Knowing these things will make a huge difference in your life and who you allow in it.

7 Signs You’re Allowing A Fake Friend Too Close:

1. This person brags constantly.

If the person in question is constantly bragging about his or her accomplishments and undermining yours then there is a clear issue. Someone who is a true friend is going to help you celebrate not try to outdo you. It just doesn’t work like that.

2. This person criticizes you way more than he or she should.

If the person in question is always criticizing you and bringing you down it is because they don’t like seeing you doing well. They want you to be lower than they are. If you seem to have everything on track they go out of their way to make you feel like shit.

3. This person is always trying too hard.

If the person in question is always trying too hard to please others and make his or herself look good then something needs to change. This person is not being as genuine as he or she should be and it is going to end up biting him or her in the ass. What is it that drives a person to do this? You need to be questioning the thoughts behind it.

4. This person makes you feel used a lot of the time.

If the person in question makes you feel used or makes you feel like he or she is taking advantage of you there is a reason for that. If you are being used you are going to feel used. If this continues after you confront him or her then they probably don’t want to be around unless they can continue on as they are.

5. This person is always gossiping.

If the person in question always has tea about other people to spill then he or she isn’t someone you should trust. You have to be careful about telling your secrets to people who are going to give them away.

6. This person doesn’t listen to the things you say.

If the person in question doesn’t listen to the things you say and is always ignoring you when you really need to vent about things then is he or she a friend anyway? We tend to give too much credit to those who do far less than they think they do. Don’t be the kind of person to waste your time on someone that doesn’t really care.

7. This person wants all of your attention.

If the person in question wants all of your attention and refuses to stop interfering in your life you need to cut ties. Fake friends will want you to be an extension of them and not your own person. You have to pay close attention when it comes to things like that.

(Image Via: Pixabay/Free-Photos)