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When it comes to healing there are many different forms to consider. While you might be physically healthy if you’re not taking care of your emotional or spiritual self, you could find yourself quite under the weather.

We all need a little healing now and then but sometimes it’s hard to know when you need to take a step back and look at yourself from an outside perspective. While you might feel like you’ve got everything together, once it all starts falling apart you’ll soon realize you were further in over your head then you initially thought. However, as an energetic being, you can heal yourself on a core level.

Below I am going to go over some signs that you might be in need of healing and what you can do to work through healing yourself that having been said, at the end of this article you will find a video that also covers more on healing within. Whether you’re facing personal issues about things from your past, karmic debts or something else of the sort being aware of your own damages is important. The more aware of these signs you are the more capable you will be at spotting the problems that come forth in your energy field as a whole.

7 Signs You’re In Serious Need Of Healing:

1. Your mind will not allow itself to clear no matter how hard you try.

When we are in need of some kind of healing it can be hard for our thoughts to get out properly. Rather than having a clear mind we have a lot of stress within our beings. This creates chaos within and does not allow our inner energies to flow properly.

2. You find yourself turning to ‘bad habits’ to feel better.

If you’re in need of healing you might look to different things as a means of coping. While this is not a healthy outlet it is something a lot of people find themselves doing. This could be anything as dangerous as substance abuse or as simple as indulging a bit more at night before bed ‘snacking.’ Everyone goes about this in their own ways.

3. You feel drained all the time for no apparent reason.

The more drained you feel the more apparent it should be that you’re in need of some kind of healing. We don’t just go through this kind of thing without reason. Sure, you might not be able to put your finger on the reason but there is one present, nonetheless.

4. You’re constantly over or underreacting to the things that are happening around you.

When things happen around you, you’re unable to react properly. You’re either not as excited as you should be about positive things or you’re overly devastated about negative things. This is a red flag you should never ignore especially if you’re acting out of the norm in a big way.

5. You find that focusing on the positive things in life is extremely hard.

When we are in need of healing our minds shift to a negative place. This is something you will struggle with a lot and be unable to escape without healing. While healing on this level won’t completely make things go away and there could be other factors at play, getting to know yourself better will improve things a bit. The more you heal the more positive your mindset will end up being.

6. You feel very out of place where you are in the present moment.

For a lot of us when we are in serious need of healing we feel like we’re no longer at home within our bodies. You feel like in this moment you’re not where you should be and it’s quite terrifying for a number of reasons. This kind of thing can be quite overwhelming.

7. You feel like you’re losing control within your own life.

The more this kind of thing progresses forth the more out of control you’re going to feel. Through working to relax your mind and restore your own energies though you can regain that sense of control. At the end of the day, you’ve got to let go of the things you cannot change and if you’re not doing that you’re letting too much build-up within.


Depression and Energy Healing – Phoebe Garnsworthy