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Burnout is something we all face and while it might not be something we want to admit we’re dealing with it is something we need to be aware of. When the signs start to show up, we need to make changes so that we can prevent the burnout from getting worse.

The more you do for others the more burnout you’re going to be facing. You shouldn’t be holding yourself back and bringing yourself down by overdoing it for other people and not thinking about your own wellbeing. Below I am going to go over some of the signs that you’re facing burnout. While these signs might not all be present for you the more clear they are the more aware you should be that there are changes that need to be made.

7 Signs That You’re Facing Serious Burnout:

1. You’re struggling to sleep at night.

When you’re going through burnout you’re unable to slow your mind down. The more you try to relax the harder it is to do. Sleeping at night is almost impossible and your insomnia is no joke.

2. You feel like you’re getting more and more cynical.

Overall your mind is getting more and more cynical. You’re unable to figure out where all of these negative emotions are coming from and nothing is making sense. The more you’re dealing with the more toxic you seem to be becoming.

3. You’re having trouble focusing on things.

As burnout sets in you’re going to find it hard to focus properly. The more you have on your mind the harder it is to pin things down. You have so many things to do and nowhere near enough time to get them done.

4. Even when you get enough sleep you still feel exhausted.

You are literally exhausted. This is because your emotional self is unable to recover properly. Yeah you might be getting some sleep but you’re not relaxing in the ways you need to be and honestly, you are in serious need of a proper break.

5. You’re either stress eating or have seemingly no appetite at all.

Burnout for me makes me not want to eat at all but for some people, they end up eating more. This happens because we all deal with emotional turmoil and stress in our own ways. Appetite changes should always be noted.

6. Even the smallest things get under your skin at the moment.

Sure, you might not always be able to see it but your patience is wearing thin. The smallest things set you off and you’re always on edge. I know, it’s easy to let things get to you but if something that shouldn’t be a big deal is bugging you, take the time to clear your mind and go from there.

7. You’re experiencing a lot of headaches.

Burnout can cause a lot of headaches depending on how your mind and body deals with things. The tenser the situations I am in the more often I get headaches. That being said, this might not be true for everyone.