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Right now we are facing a lot of negative energies as we are stressed and fearful. The longer this pandemic ensues the more aware we need to be of the energies around us and within our homes.

While you might not realize it, you could be allowing stagnant or negative energies to call your room their place of residence. This because you have not cleansed properly or maybe not even cleansed at all. If you’re noticing the following signs your room is in desperate need of an energetic do-over. 

Sure, not all of these signs will be as intense as some of them, but they should all be present on some level. When negative energy takes over our homes we must do something about it, especially when we’re stuck at home like we are right now. The more you are around these negative and toxic energies the more drained you will be and that will, in the end, do more damage than you could ever imagine.

7 Signs Your Room Might Need Some Energy Cleansing:

1. Your pets are acting a bit odd.

Our pets are able to pick up on things we are not able to see. They can sense this negativity long before it begins affecting us overall. If your pets are acting odd, there is a reason for it.

2. Your relationships with others are being negatively impacted without major causes.

When we are overwhelmed by negative energies our relationships and means of communication as a whole will become compromised. This negativity will begin to take hold and through that we may fall from time to time. You and your partner may notice serious strain in regard to one another.

3. You feel like all you do now is complain.

The more we are surrounded by negativity the more we will complain. If you’re complaining more and more out of nowhere, chances are it has something to do with the energy of your home. You’ve allowed something in that you should not have.

4. Your plants are no longer thriving.

Our plants can also pick up on energies before we do. If your houseplants are wilting away for seemingly no reason, this could be why. They, too, feel the stress being weighed upon them.

5. You feel like there is a serious weight on your shoulders even when you should be most relaxed.

If you’re always feeling weighed down, you should take that as a massive sign. That weighed down feeling is happening because you are actually being weighed down. You’ve allowed the energy of your home to turn sour.

6. You’re surrounded by clutter.

The more cluttered our homes are the more stressed some of us will become. Clutter in our homes also clutters our minds and creates tension. That in itself is not something we should want any part of.

7. You’re literally exhausted no matter how much rest you get.

This, in my opinion, is easily the biggest sign to look for when it comes to negative energies. If you’re feeling drained even after just waking up you need to cleanse your home. There is more going on than you want to admit.

Now, when it comes to getting rid of these negative energies there are lots of things you can do. According to The Law Of Attraction’s website, getting rid of clutter and meditating is a good place to start but that’s not all you need to do. If the energies in your room or overall home are too negative and weighing down on you, you should open all of the windows up and doors before properly smudging your home with sage or your preferred smudging tools.

This paired with your own personal affirmations and intent will help tremendously. It would also benefit you to get some protective crystals to help ease your burden during this time. To learn more about cleansing your home and how to do it, check out the video below.