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In life, there is going to be stress and worries, there are no doubts about that. It’s just a part of it, however, when we allow stress and worries to take over, it becomes something else entirely.

Almost all of us will endure anxiety and stress at least at some point in our lives. For example, when we are in school and a test is coming up that we haven’t had a chance to study for, it can cause us to become worried. That’s a normal way that worry can manifest in our daily lives.

But, when worry becomes excessive, preventing us from leading a normal life, and taking over our daily life, it’s a sign that it has grown out of control. If you are unsure as to whether or not you worry too much, check the following 7 signs that worry is running your life.

1. Your friends and family become frequently frustrated with you for worrying incessantly.

When you express your constant worries to your friends and family members, they often grow frustrated with talking you down from the ledge. It’s grown so far out of control, that your friends and family have started avoiding you.

2. You catastrophize a lot.

Your worries aren’t just worries anymore, you constantly catastrophize as well. Catastrophizing is when you imagine the worst possible outcome to every situation, to the point in which you may talk yourself into avoiding situations altogether. A simple trip to the grocery store may push you into such a panic, that you fear won’t make it out alive. This isn’t to be mistaken for just a simple panic attack, but instead, you may worry about being robbed, attacked, or otherwise enduring catastrophe every time you leave the house.

3. You don’t do much of anything, because you are worried all of the time.

Due to your excessive worry, you find that you talk yourself out of going out or having any fun in general. You may lose good opportunities, due to your worries, or even avoid people that you love altogether, because you are afraid of bad things happening. Even the simplest task becomes something that worries you.

4. You either eat your feelings or starve due to worry- there’s no in-between.

When it comes to eating, you have two extremes: eating to soothe your fears, or being so worried you forget to eat. Due to this, your energy levels are in constant chaos.

5. You find yourself on the verge of tears, daily.

Frequently throughout the day, you feel yourself nearing the verge of tears due to worry or stress. Even the slightest trigger can send you into a tailspin, and you constantly live on the edge.

6. You are isolating yourself a lot.

Your fears and worries have grown so far out of control, that you often isolate yourself from others. You avoid any situation that you are fearful may bring you harm, including normal outings with friends and family. Sometimes, you may avoid people, places, and things due to your fears. You often find that you spend the majority of your time alone.

7. You have a hard time unwinding without drugs or alcohol.

You have such a hard time unwinding and letting loose, that you lean on negative methods for doing so. Don’t get me wrong, having a drink or two to let loose is typical, but if you depend on alcohol to unwind, it can become a problem.