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No parent sets out to play favorites with their children. However, because none of us are perfect, there may be a child you are showing favor to without even realizing it.

It is normal for a parent to feel a stronger connection to one of their children, but that does not make you a bad parent. However, it’s important that you show your children the same amount of love and care, otherwise your children may become insecure and struggle with themselves. With that said, here are some signs that you may be showing favor to one child.

1. You talk to one child more.

It may be easier for you to talk to the child that gets you or that you ‘get’ just be careful not to show them less attention. You want to interact with all of your children, even if they don’t understand you or vice versa.

2. You talk about one child more.

You may have a daughter who is into ballet, and if you are too, it’s easy to get excited about her achievements. Just be sure to make sure you get just as excited about your son who wrestles, even if you don’t really understand much about it or relate.

3. You show favor to your more accomplished child.

It’s normal for a parent to dote over their child, who is great at everything. Who wouldn’t be proud? Just make sure you celebrate your other kids too.

4. One of your kids feels left out.

Even if you do not realize that you are showing favor, if one of your kids is beginning to feel left out, acknowledge that. Do not make excuses for this, simply make more of an effort to also make your other child feel included too.

5. You feel more at ease with one child.

We all have a child that we feel more akin to. Perhaps they are more like you, or perhaps they are just easier to get along with. Regardless, make sure you are still putting forth the effort to communicate with all of your kids.

6. Favoritism based on their behavior.

When you have one child who behaves better, it can be easier to deal with them than the child who misbehaves. However, remember, that while it’s normal to feel like one child acts better, it’s important to show all children the same amount of attention and care.

7. Favoring based on age.

When you have an older child, they may be the one you show favor to because you have bonded with them longer. Or maybe it is your younger child because they are your baby. Just be careful not to show too much favor over one another, and give them both the same amount of love and attention.