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Ranking and measuring intelligence happens in many different ways, but a few ways of measuring intelligence is done through EQ and IQ. Our IQ is the measurement of our rational intelligence, while our EQ is a ranking of our emotional intelligence.

While some people are both emotionally and rationally intelligent, others may have a high IQ and low EQ or a high EQ and low IQ. To simplify what I am trying to say here, intelligence comes in many forms. IQ stands for intelligence quotient and measures our ability to process information, recognize patterns, and access our working memory. EQ is a determination of how skilled we are at handling our emotions.

Here are some signs that you may have a high IQ, but a low EQ.

1. You are great at solving puzzles, but have a hard time reading people.

If someone handed you a crossword or a Sudoku puzzle right now, you would easily smash it with little problems. But, when it comes to figuring out what someone feels like by looking at their face or by listening to the tone of their voice, you feel lost.

2. You are extremely self-aware, but feel powerless over your emotions.

You are quite aware of your emotional states, but feel very powerless when it comes to managing them. For example, you easily get angry and can sense yourself getting there, but when it comes to trying to calm yourself, you can feel a bit fuzzy.

3. You have intense emotions, but struggle to manage them.

Higher intelligence and emotional intensity tend to go hand in hand. However, without emotional intelligence to match high intelligence, those intense emotions are left unchecked. It’s emotional intelligence that allows us to properly manage our emotions.

4. You are a high achiever, but also a perfectionist.

Typically, those who have a high IQ are known for their high achievements. And while perfectionism can be good sometimes, it isn’t good all of the time. Perfection simply isn’t achievable all of the time.

5. Relationships aren’t your strong suit.

Those who have a high IQ tend to struggle in relationships. Because they are different and because their minds work differently, they are often misunderstood and misunderstand others. When you add a low EQ to all of that, it’s easy to see why relationships might not be your strong suit.

6. You work hard but neglect your self-care.

People who have a high IQ tend to be hard workers. They will run to their goals non-stop but forget their emotional needs. In turn, their self-care is neglected.

7. You are impulsive.

You tend to jump into things head first, which is normal for those who have a high IQ. Unfortunately, though, jumping in head first isn’t always the best option. This is where emotional intelligence comes in. The good thing is, that even if you find it difficult to manage your emotions, you can learn how to improve.