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Sometimes we get so caught up looking for love that we settle and settling is really something we should never do. In love the idea is to find your soulmate or even your twin flame, right? So why do so many people marry those who do not deserve them?

When it comes to twin flames or soulmates while they are different you will feel a deep connection regardless of which one you have found. It will be unexplainable and raw, like nothing you have ever felt before. If you think you may have found your forever person, but aren’t quite sure give the list below a once over. If the person you are with is giving you all of these things then they are the one.

7 Signs You Have Found The Person You Were Meant to Spend Your Life With:

1. They put you first.

For the first time in a long time, you have found someone who puts you above all else. This is not to say they choose you over themselves but they would sacrifice lots of things for you if it was necessary. This person sees you for who you truly are and values you in ways other people never have.

2. They understand you on a level like nothing else.

You feel understood finally. This person just gets you in all the ways you have longed for. You understand them just the same. Without words, you just ‘get’ each other.

3. Being with them is almost too easy.

Being with this person is not as complicated as your past relationships have been. It is as if being together comes naturally. You deserve one another.

4. They think in the same way that you do.

You have so much in common it is a bit scary, to be honest. You say and do things that are almost in sync. You may even find yourself finishing each other’s sentences from time to time.

5. You trust them, really trust them.

Trusting one another is a very important aspect of any relationship. You don’t have any reason to distrust this person, and they seem to value the trust you have for them. The trust is mutual as well, you don’t feel as if this person will ever hurt you and you know all too well that you would never hurt them.

6. They give you a sense of comfort you have never had before.

You feel safe with this person. When you are together you know that even when you are having the most terrible day everything will be fine. This person makes you the happiest you have been in a long time.

7. They challenge you to become better.

In life, we should all strive to be better. This person pushes you to be the best version of yourself that you can be. You also push them and grow together to become who you were both meant to be. However, while this person does challenge you, he or she does not force you. Someone who truly loves you will not force you into anything, ever.