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When you are getting to know someone and the sparks are beginning to fly, you may wonder deep down how you can tell definitively if they like you. No one likes to assume they are liked, only to open themselves up and then be shut down.

So, we tend to doubt ourselves. We may tell ourselves that there is no way possible that this person likes us, even when the signs are blaring in our faces. So, it can be helpful to understand what the signs are, so you can use them as a point of reference. Below, I will cover 7 signs someone likes you, according to psychology.

1. They laugh at your jokes, even when they are bad.

When someone likes you, they will go out of their way to make you feel acknowledged. When you begin saying jokes and everyone but one person isn’t laughing, that one person likely likes you more than you may realize.

2. They compliment you.

When someone likes you or has an interest in you, they will compliment you. They might compliment the way you are dressed or something about you. While what they are complimenting doesn’t matter, if someone you like compliments you, then they likely like you too.

3. They want to hang out with you.

It might sound like common sense, but there again, we often doubt ourselves. We may believe it is too good to be true that someone likes us. However, if someone is always trying to spend time with you, then they like you.

4. They lean in when they are around you.

Pay attention to body language, as it says a lot about someone’s feelings toward you. If someone pulls back around you and crosses their arms, they are creating distance and probably don’t like you. On the contrary, when someone leans into you when you are around, they like you.

The Definitive Book of Body Language” by Allan and Barbara Pease provides deeper insights into how body language can reveal someone’s true feelings.

5. They mirror you.

It is our nature to mirror the people we like. We may say similar words, or even hold ourselves up in a similar manner. When someone is trying to be more like you, it’s a good sign they like you.

6. They try to make you laugh.

Men especially will go out of their way to make a woman laugh if they like her. However, women do this too. If someone says something funny and then looks at you for a reaction, they like you.

7. They subliminally touch you.

When someone likes you, they will find a way to subliminally touch you. Let me be clear: this isn’t a creepy or invasive touch. Instead, it will be a subtle brush of the arm or a gentle squeeze of the shoulder or hand.

The Five Love Languages” by Gary Chapman is a great resource for understanding how physical touch can be a powerful communicator of affection.